Oh! Hello there!

Welcome back! I am so sorry I’ve been MIA. A lot has been going on. Vacationing happened (I plan on posting about that). School has been happening (I might die). Gen Con happened (hello other post). Not to mention other life things. However, I plan on getting back in the swing of regular(ish) postings. In…


In a moment of free time, we decided to head out.

Monday Nerd Post: The Blasted Tower pt1

Hello Adventurers! Our adventure begins on an unnamed island in the Azure Sea, in the port town of Hommlet. The town of Hommlet is known for it’s beverages, specifically Blackstone Ale and Redeemer’s Wine. The two groups find themselves in a tavern known as the Drowned Maiden, not yet introduced to one another. Tim and…

A Weekend Off

Hello Again Sweets! I’ve been absent from here again due to some crazy work hours. But let’s not dwell on that because I am here to tell you all about my awesome weekend off. Last weekend starting Friday at 3:30 pm until Tuesday at 7 am I didn’t have work. It was glorious. I slept….

A Wicked Sunday

Hello Oz-ians! In case you haven’t caught on just yet today’s post is all about my past weekend adventure of seeing Wicked. It was my first time seeing it and let me just say I LOVED it. But we’ll get to that later! First lets start with outfit choice and the idea behind it. You…