I swear there is a Plan(ner)!

Hello Sweets!

In case you haven’t gathered by now, my life is a bit scattered and even more disorganized. It’s busy, we all understand that. However, I plan on getting better this year. I’m buckling down on getting organized and taking time out for me and doing things I enjoy (like making this blog). To take some steps in the right direction I have started a planner. In fact, that is what this whole post is about. Building an effective for me planner. Notice I said for me. I wish, and tried, to be the girl that could bullet journal (I still love the idea behind it but can someone just build it for me exactly how I want (yes I combed Etsy)). Planners just tend to work the best for me. I usually get yearly, toss away ones. This year I went for something a bit more reusable and personalized. What I got is an A5 binder and some inserts.

Of course it’s in a seafoam green/robin eggs blue-ish color, that is my favorite after all. So far I have only written out fully January and February. Besides a few habit tracker tweaks, I have found my perfect set-up. The first two pages of each month are a monthly break-down, birthdays, important dates, a to-do list, and monthly habit tracker. Plus since I’m a tad OCD when it comes to certain things, everything is color coordinated. For the monthly plan in the squares with the dates are color coordinated dots to show what is happening on those days. Beneath that are the birthdays for the month, because eventually I want to get good enough I can send out cards and such. There is also an area for important dates, which currently has everything and anything from trips to appointments to anniversaries. It’s a bit of a hodge podge of things but it works.
On the other side is a to-do list, that currently until school officially starts has blog post ideas and the general date I want them to go up on. The hope is that this will help me stay a bit more on track without over doing it, because sometimes I get too bogged down in trying to plan ahead. There is also a habit tracker there that I’m just not sure how I want to go about it. Part of me wants to track blogging, workouts, pops drank, cleaning, self-care, etc. But I also know me and I’m just not sure that will work in the long run. So for now I’m going to try and stick with it for January and February to see how it goes. This page is also where I have my color coded key, in hopes that when I start adding on a few more things that will help me remember what is what.

Next, is the weekly breakdown. Now this is the part that I tend to stop following through on whenever I have a planner. I try to write out in detail things that need to be done, times I work, etc. However, after awhile I get a little overwhelmed, distracted, generally busy and that all goes to the way side. So this time, in hopes I can continue on with it, I am trying to keep it simple. Again I’ve only done January and February so I can test it out and see how I’m liking it before committing to any one style. At the end of the week, after Saturday, there is a notes section and a smaller weekly habit tracker. On the smaller tracker I have it repeating things weekly such as; cleaning/straightening up, self-care, writing posts, workout/yoga, and cooking. Simple things that I’m trying to do more of and can go toward my monthly tracker. The smaller tracker seems easier to handle than a bigger one, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to stick to it better.

Finally, at the end of the month I plan on having a monthly budget tracker. This is something I desperately need to get better at. Hopefully I can stick to it and get on a better financial path. Not that I’m on a terrible one now, it could just be better. Everything can always improve. I especially want to get on top of this before I need to start paying on my school loans. Ugh, and don’t even get me started on my credit score. It used to be amazing and then things happened, and much like a GPA it’s quick to fall slow to rise. So my hope is to start saving (gaining interest on that), planning out spending (no more extra Target trips), and just generally paying things off as early as possible.

Hopefully this small thing will help me get a bit more organized in what is turning into a very busy year. And I hope to share some of the lovely things that happen with you, dear readers.
Happily, Jel

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