Blogmas: Holiday Sock Exchange

Season’s Greetings Sweets!

If there is ever a time for making new friends and new memories why not do it at Christmas? That’s exactly what happened last weekend. I got together with a new friend, whose wedding I am set to be in in June, and the rest of her bridal party plus a few extra friends. The gifts were to be pretty simple; find a pair of festive socks and stuff them full of goodies. Well my friends, I have mad skills at fitting a ton of crap into small objects (my grandmother still tells stories of how many outfits I could fit into a Barbie suitcase). Originally I bought a comfy pair of fuzzy socks to stuff, but quickly decided they weren’t big enough. So instead I went to Amazon and found the perfect pair, a red and green sock with, “Party like Santa isn’t watching,” stitched into the side along with a back turned Santa. They were cute, funny, and seemed to fit the theme. Thing is I bought tiny goods to stuff it full of like every time I went out shopping. I raided the dollar section at Target, Kroger, and the like. My socks I gifted were full of candy, booze, facemasks, bath goodies, and lotion. The socks I received were full of similar items; candy, facemasks, booze, and nail polish. 

Before gifts though we baked sugar cookies and while we waited for them to cool down we started some other events. But first cocoa! Because who can say no to a hot chocolate bar? Next, we played a saran wrap ball game that was much too small for the group that we had, I still walked away with some candy. Unwrapped the gifts, took the necessary picture of us all wearing the socks, joked about what we had fit in there and how we weren’t sure what exactly to put in there. Then we all moved to the table where the cookies and icing were waiting. Soon we all got to decorating the cookies, making all sorts of colors with the icing and food coloring. Each of us had gorgeous cookies and the ones that we just needed to be eaten. After cookie decorating we moved on to ornaments. Mine wasn’t much but I liked it, a few of the others that everyone else did were gorgeous. Finally, we all started breaking off with plans for an Easter party as well.

All in all making new memories with new friends was nice and something I look forward to continuing to do.

Yours joyfully, Jel.

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