Blogmas: Friendsmas

Season’s Greetings Sweets!

Friendsmas has quickly become one of those traditions that I look forward to around this time of year. Not to mention the ever expanding group it includes. This year it was the normal group plus spouses and one baby. There were no ugly Christmas sweaters this year like there clearly should have been. But it was a great time!

We didn’t break out the games and there was no saran wrap ball, instead we mostly just talked, ate, and were jolly. I missed the saran wrap ball but for the most part this was probably one of my favorite years. Soon we exchanged gifts. This year for the guys I decided we should probably keep it simple and maybe not make them match again. So for gifts I made them little goodie bags, filled with booze (whiskey to be exact) and candy all wrapped up with a Star Wars ornament (which involved a conversation with my boyfriend and asking which ships were which, because I only knew like three). They loved them, hell that was exactly what one of them asked for. Then it came time for the girls to exchange Secret Santa gifts. My best friend Chelsea drew my name this year and lets just say she delivered, my gift was a print of Cinderella’s castle in a hand painted (by her oldest child) frame and a mug she hand painted! I love it a whole lottle. This year I got my friend Carrie, who I consequently went shopping with right before this and it was very difficult to buy her things while with her. Her gift was very homey themed because that is what she said she liked. So I packed a bag very full of Disney Beauty and the Beast mug set, silicon baking mat, a salt kit that had various kinds, some mulling spices, and two spice grinders that we saw while we were out. It was so heavy.

The evening ended with laughs, pictures, and one very upset baby. All in all it was a lovely time and I can’t wait until next year!

Yours Merrily, Jel

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