Blogmas Week One (1-8)

Season’s Greetings Sweets!
       It’s been a while. For which I am sorry, I’m hoping to get a bit better organized and get on a better posting schedule. These past few months have just been jam pack full of work and school. Plus trying to add in a social life, time just tends to get away from me. So for Blogmas this year I’m going to do weeks instead of days because honestly I just did not have much for the first few days. Now there might be special themed days thrown in but for the most part it’ll be weeks. Not to mention some catch up posts of a trip in October, some nerdy things, and who knows what else I’ve missed.

Week One was simple and uneventful

Not much happened in the first week of December, I worked and prepared a speech for class which still haunts me and my teacher is way too kind. But I did still find time to decorate, order gifts, and start wrapping them! So far I’ve only decorated my bedroom and let me tell you I think I’ve got too many candles. I might have gone a bit overboard this year during the Bath and Body Works Black Friday sale. Actually I might have just gone a bit overboard on Black Friday in general, but for the most part I got my Christmas shopping done with in that weekend. The amount of packages I got from various places was a bit much, even I can admit to that now.  I am also honestly so proud of how well I’ve done wrapping them too! My wrapping skills usually leave much to be desired but not this year, this year they look amazing.  (Expect a gift post upcoming.)

Decorations this year are a bit more simple, but I also feel like I did less. There’s no wrapped presents on the wall. The big trees aren’t up yet (that is my goal for this weekend). Stockings are clean they just need hung. So over all we are decorated but I also just haven’t had the time to break out all the goods. Here’s hoping with school ending in a few days I’ll finally get the chance to decorate and get organized. I have found and added in a few cute bits and bobs this year that were not there last year. Not to mention ALL the candles, I have a problem. Is there a support group? But overall it is all definitely less decorated.

I promise the next posts will be longer and more in-depth. There’ll be a post about all the festivities last weekend, my small trip away, and gift guidey things. Maybe even a post or two on sweet treats. So keep your eyes peeled there is more holiday cheer coming your way!

Yours, Jel

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