Monday Nerd Post: Welcome to Etheria

Hello Adventurers!

It’s been a while. We are still playing my dad’s campaign through The Temple of Elemental Evil, but I’ve started writing the next adventure for me to run. It’s called All That Was Lost. I’m going to be doing some small posts about it here and there as I build the world, the back story, and eventually the adventure itself. So today starts with the description of the place where it all takes place:


The Nation of Doors, Etheria, is the point on Yessendril where the veil between planes is the weakest. Portals to all manner of the planes reside all over Etheria. Farmers have reported livestock wandering through a portal only to reemerge days later as some warped elemental version. Dwarves report weak spots in mines that lead not only to the Earth plane but also to the Fire. Sailors tell tales of ships sailing into a portal never to be seen again, but they can hear eerie singing coming from within. These stories are what draw people from all over Yessendril. Many a mighty adventurer has traveled to Etheria to seek their glory, only to fall victim to one of the many portals. Yet many people call Etheria home. Elves of all manner build mighty homes in the Webwood. The Dwarves mine the Axewain Mountains and build settlements surrounding them. While Humans, Halflings, and Gnomes populate all manner of settlements across Etheria. The biggest of these settlements being Gravitas Cascade.


More info to come next week- You DM Jel

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