Fall Self-Care

Hello Pumpkins!

So fall is the start of when the year becomes rough for me. Now, don’t get me wrong I love all things fall, it’s one of my favorite times of year but it leads into my least favorite. Winter is rough for me, so in an effort to hold off that seasonal depression I’m going to attempt some self-care loveliness. I plan on starting it this month and continuing an autumn themed one through November as well.

It is a combo of a couple different fall themed self-care prompts that I found. That will hopefully easily take me over these 60 days. Some of the items are bucket list like, while others are just small things to do for myself and my space. I’m going to be posting several days at a time on here, and hopefully I will begin to get my blog back into some routine again. Another reason I’m trying this self-care routine is in hopes of relieving some school and work stress. Below are the days I hopefully plan on going with and sticking to! Stay tuned to see if I can stick with it, because if this goes well there might be a winter version as well!

Dig out your cold weather Pjs. Paint pumpkins with quotes. Do something to celebrate your body. Do a thing you’ve been afraid to do. Buy something for your fall wardrobe. Choose a day to unplug and enjoy. Wash your bed linens and bring out the warm blankets. Make a soup or crock-pot recipe. Enjoy your morning beverage outside. Start a 7-day gratitude practice. Give yourself or get yourself a good massage. Pick one bad habit to work on. Light candles or a fireplace and relax. Declutter your space of things you don’t need. Bake goodies and share them with someone you love. Warm blankets, windows open, NAP. Indulge in a fall goodie. Take photos of the season. Slow down and savor the day. Apple cider. Candied Apples. APPLES. Write a letter to release emotion. Practice hygge. Try a fall inspired craft. Watch your favorite horror movie. Go for a coffee date with a friend. Watch a fall sunset. Have a cozy bath. Start a Christmas budget. Start a new reading goal or a book club. Carve a pumpkin. Go to a craft fair or market. Create a new morning routine. Write a letter of gratitude. Have an at-home spa night. Get some house plants. Try something new. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Get a fall manicure. Get some flowers. Have friends movie night. Play some board games. Put up cozy decorations. Go to the pumpkin patch. Go stargazing. Try a new fall recipe. Buy a cozy throw or blanket. Go to a haunted house. Have a seasonal movie day. Drink a fall beer. Have a friends dinner night. Buy a new fall decoration.

I know that isn’t quite 60 some items but it’s enough and it gives me days to plan things as well. But that’s my plan for some autumn self-care. Hopefully you see something in the list that piques your interest and makes you want to join in!

Yours- Jel

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