A Day to Myself

Hello Again Sweets!

Recently I have been so stressed with school, that I haven’t really taken the time to do much besides homework and work. And that isn’t good. So, in an effort to recover from an especially stressful week, break down included, I took time on Saturday to just go have fun. What I had originally planned on didn’t happen and no one could join me, so it became a solo-venture. Honestly, I’m not even mad that my plans changed. Normally I am a creature of habit and stepping out of my comfort zone doesn’t come easily to me.


Though I got up early, I took my time getting ready and decided to get a late breakfast. At 9:30 I headed out to The Garden Table for food. My Uber ride was enjoyable, as my driver and I discussed dogs with all their tiny little quirks. At about 10 I reached my destination. Asking for a table for 1 was a bit intimidating and a true test of my resolve to do this. Of course I was sat next to the biggest party in there, that just so happened to be a bachelorette brunch. I enjoyed people watching and ordered one of their many cold-pressed juices (Lush Love: watermelon, ruby red grapefruit, coconut water, lime, and basil). It was awhile before I got to order, due to my waiter thinking I was waiting on someone else to come join me. In apology he brought me a free doughnut. Soon I had my stuffed French toast, which I devoured in no time. The food here was amazing and I want to go back to try a juice flight and some of the other food option they had to offer. Definitely a winner for a first try.


After breakfast I headed further down Mass Ave to hit up the small shops along there. My first stop was Silver in the City. This is one of my favorite random, little shops. It is full of all manner of items; most either made in Indy or in support of local charities. I spent a mildly ridiculous amount here, without meaning to. Most of what I bought was tiny little bits and bobs for myself and friends. Finally found the perfect anniversary card too! Plus a truly lovely pair of rose earrings to complete a few outfit ideas I’ve had recently. Honestly, it was difficult not to spend even more while I strolled around. I found a planner that I still regret not getting and a few lovely air plant holders too. Not to mention the jewelry side sucked me in and the necklaces in there are drool-worthy. After finally dragging myself out of there, I continued on to Three Dog’s Bakery to see if I could find anything for my pooches. Unsure if my pickiest dog would actually eat anything I decided against buying anything just yet and continued on. I went through a few other shops but didn’t buy anything. Briefly I contemplated going to the Market for Makers event but decided against soloing that, thinking it’d be more fun with friends. So I started the walk over to the Circle.


Once on the Circle I hit Rocket Fizz for a Jones Soda, I sat on the circle and watched people go by. Once I’d had my fill and was a little warm, I headed over to Downtown Comics. Cooling off and browsing the shelves took around 20 minutes. I found loads of interesting comics, but left without buying any due to their not being first ones in the series. Next, I headed over to Goodman Games to indulge my nerdy side further. I perused through the board game shelves for anything that stood out as new and interesting, finding a campaign supplement for Pathfinder that I thought would add an interesting twist to my self-written campaign. After, purchasing that I headed over to the mall to browse through a few more stores. Soon though I had had enough shopping and decided it was time to head back.

All in all I had a lovely day. It was nice getting out and trying to get out of my comfort zone. In fact, I might try it again sometime soon. Hit a different part of the city or try somewhere new all together. I don’t know yet, but stay tuned for it.

Yours stressfreed, Jel

PS: Here are some of the gains from the day.


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