Always a Bridesmaid Never a Bride?

Hello Sweets!

So I’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid, again. I am so excited and ready to be a bridesmaid again. It’s for a newer friend’s wedding next year and honestly this is the quickest I’ve made a friend in a moment(more on that in another post). So of course I’m cautious but I also can not deny how excited I am. I posted her “proposal” on social medias (and in here) so of course I got the usual slew of questions or comments. “Do you have 27 dresses yet?” “When is it your turn?” “Oh always the maid never the bride.” So forth and so on. Here are a few answers in a place where I can’t offend anyone or hurt feelings.

  1. Do you have 27 dresses yet?
    Not yet! Afraid I’ve only got the three (soon to be four!). And if I did I’d make every friend wear their dress, just like the movie (actually I still might, we’ll see). I see absolutely nothing wrong with being a bridesmaid for all of my friends. Why should I not support them in their happiest moments? How does that effect me in any way? Even after I get married, I plan on still agreeing to being bridesmaids in weddings for every friend that will have me. Although I am running out of single friends.
  2. When is it your turn?
    I am 26-years-old. TWENTY-SIX. It is antiquated and old-fashioned to think that I should already be married. One of my friends was married at 20. Three at 24. And this next one at 22. My parents were married at 25 and 27. So why should I already be married? Why must I rush my happiness? If I find my forever person and they want to put a ring on it then (and only then) will I do it.
  3. Oh, always the maid never the bride.
    I am SO tired of this old-ass saying. You know what? I will proudly be a maid every single damn time. I will elope, prevent anyone from seeing me as a bride. I will gladly never marry, just stay in a happy, healthy relationship without the title. But you know what else? I know that every single one of my friends would gladly be a bridesmaid for me. That they would happily stand with me like I did with them. But you know the difference? They won’t have to suffer through this insufferable question because they’ve been the bride. So before you say this to someone, THINK. It’s all I ask.

So, stay tuned for all the great things to come when it comes to this journey. Oh, and stick around you never know, maybe I’ll find my person.

Yours happily and excitedly, Jel

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