Monday Nerd Post: GEN CON 2018

Hello Awesome Nerds!

(Yes this post is two weeks later than I originally said. Buuuuut I got sick and have only really just recovered so here we go.)

This was the 7th Gen Con I have attended. Dad and I started going after I graduated high school. Of course he had gone a few times before without me when I was but a youngin. This is a tradition that I have really started to enjoy. I hope we can continue it (even if Gen Con does move locations). Advertised as the “Best Four Days in Gaming” Gen Con is just that. People come from all over for a multitude of reasons. Some come for the gaming. Some come to sell their games. While others come just for the nerdery. We go all four days and do a variety of things, in fact last year (and hopefully next) I cosplayed with some friends. So here goes, here is a recap (of sorts) of Gen Con 2018.



Day One

Day one consisted of getting there impossibly early to get Tyshima’s badge (we overestimated traffic and the will call line). Which left us some time to wander around before our first event at 8am. So we wandered over to Lucas Oil Stadium and looked around the set up there before heading to the Crowne Plaza for our first event. Our first event was a demo of the game Red Dragon Inn, which has been catching my eye for a while now. Honestly, it was a really fun demo and I do plan on purchasing the game at some point but didn’t add it to the haul this year. After that finished up we headed back over to the convention center. Dad waited in line to get Pathfinder 2e while Ty and I headed down to wait to get into the exhibit hall. The crowd had gathered and all around us you could hear a variety of nerdy chats. Soon though the opening ceremony started and then the chanting. DO NOT RUN, DO NOT RUN. With that we were let in and thus began the hunt to get the few purchases of the first day done. Ty bought Red Dragon Inn. Then we headed to Crystal Caste to get our free 6-sided die. Followed by a quick trip over to Paizo’s booth to get that days buttons. Texted dad to see where he was at, only to find out he was still in line. So we wandered the hall for a few more moments before meeting up with dad and heading out to the food trucks to get some lunch. Ty and I decided on hitting up Bacon Station. Let me tell you their fully loaded fries with housemade ranch was the bomb diggity. First time I’d ever tried their truck and it was well worth it. Dad went for a Gen Con staple and got Island Noodles (which I did not get this year and am mildly regretting). Then we headed back in for our next demo. We were finally demoing Big Trouble in Little China the game. It was fun but didn’t quite make the list of so fun you have to buy it. After that demo we wandered the hall to find where we would be for our next two demos. Then we went back into the exhibit hall to kill our hour before the next demo. The final two demos were 5-minute Dungeon and Dungeon Raiders. 5-minute Dungeon is a cute co-op game where you battle to defeat monsters and eventually the dungeon boss. You have five minutes to defeat them. It went quick and was a ton of fun! Dungeon Raiders was one of those games that it took me a minute to understand what my purpose was but once you got there it was a quick game. Your purpose is to have the fewest wounds and the most gold. Dad won this one, so of course we bought it. And with that day one came to a close.



Day Two

Day two of Gen Con started a bit later than the first but it also started with a demo. King’s Guild was the first game of the day. It is a resource gathering game where you try to build your guild to be the best in the kingdom. Your goal is to be the new guild king. The creator of the game was running the demo and he did a great job! King’s Guild was still in Kickstarter but I went ahead and bought a copy of it. First purchase of the day down, now on to explore and buy. We walked around the exhibit hall for a bit buying the occasional bit and bobble here and there along the way. We went back by Paizo and I spent SO much here (like usual, Paizo I’d like my soul back anytime now). I bought the next two parts of my adventure path, the matching pawn set, and a bag to carry during the con. Along the way Ty and I had picked up some dice for ourselves and for our friends kids (a couple of bigger, nonswallowable sets). Then it was time for the next demo, Space Base. Made by AEG Space Base is another resource gathering game, in which you try to build newer and better ships. I won, we bought it. Next we headed out to get lunch, dad taking the purchases so far back to the car. We went to Dizzy Izzy’s truck for lunch. Grilled cheeses are what they serve. I got a Mice Lover’s with bacon and fries. Dad also got a Mice Lover’s. Ty got their 3 Little Pigs. They were so good (we even went back). Next we headed off to our next demo. BarBEARians. It is exactly what it sounds like! You play little bear tribes and battle one another. All three of us lost, both times. It is a dice rolling game where you try to gather resources and gain glory! The tribe with the most glory wins. The woman running the demo was amazing and I almost immediately wanted to buy the game. As soon as we finished it up we went and bought the game. Before we headed home we stopped to get some more food to take home for dinner. Ty and I got BBQ Sundaes, I also bought mom and I some Gen Con cupcakes! Home we went. Ty and I retiring to my room to watch anime, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.



Day Three

The third day of Gen Con is absolutely magical due to it being cosplay day. It also might just be my favorite. But I’m getting ahead of myself so let me backtrack a bit. We had to get there a bit early for an event I had signed us up for, Before the Magic Kingdom. Now when I read Gen Con events to sign up for I’m like, “OH! This looks interesting, buy.” That is my exact thought process. This was very much so one of those moments and I’m so glad I did. This was an RPG (role-playing game) using the Mutants and Masterminds game system. Our DM (dungeon master) had created a Disney based game using the gaming systems rule set. We actually played the fourth adventure, in what he told us was going to be a five adventure series. He told us some of the details of the first three and let’s just say my interest was piqued. The rough basics are; you are a teenager, you have the spirit/essence of a Disney Heroine/Hero inside of you, and you are out to defeat evil. So when we first got there we all got to pick our Hero/Heroine. Our group ended up being made up of Merida, Rapunzel, Elsa, Tinkerbell, Aladdin, and Ariel. After we picked the DM said, “Well this should be interesting Tinkerbell adds a whole other aspect to it.” The adventure started with us staking out a warehouse filled with cybugs and King Candy, but something just wasn’t right. We came up with a solid battle plan, Tink would fly in with her teenaged self’s cellphone drop it in the corner and then Ariel would push a truck through the loading bay. The plan went off without a hitch. Ariel’s truck took out most of the cybugs, leaving King Candy and three bugs behind. We made quickish work of the rest of them but once King Candy was defeated he turned into Wreck-it Ralph. And our group became teenagers again. The only one who could hold the Disney form for any amount of time was Tink. It was about then that Elsa’s phone began to ring and it was a call from Merlin (aka Lin Manuel Miranda). Now, I don’t want to spoil the whole thing, because I might run it at some point and do posts, but we defeated the villains. After a very long debate on exactly what we should do. Then it was time to go explore the exhibit hall again. Along our way I stopped occasionally to take pictures of cosplayers. Usually I get so many more pictures and we have time to watch the parade, but this year did not give us anytime for that and next year I plan on planning for it slightly. During the parade we were actually demonig Lockdown! The Captain is Dead. It was a decent game, but I feel like the person explaining the rules and such didn’t really know what he was talking about and thus it was a bit of a struggle. In fact we ended up losing and most everyone except myself had died at least once. We lunched again at Dizzy Izzy’s food truck and Dad got food from a truck that served Venezuelan food. A fellow nerd joined us at our table and we discussed past cons, food, game, etc. Then it was time to head home where Ty and I played some of our new games.

Day Four

The fourth day for us is usually our leave early day and my buy ALL the art day. This year was a little different, in that we signed up to play a playtest of Pathfinder 2E. Before we headed in, Ty and I stopped at the morning food trucks to grab some breakfast. Ty hit up the Grub House for their B&Gs and some fruit. I headed for Der Pretzel Wagon snagging their Stranger Things themed sandwich. Finding where we were supposed to be in the Sagamore Ballroom was a bit difficult at first. Eventually though we found our way to our guide, were paired up with another group of players, and sent off to meet our DM at our table. Soon we were all settle, dice out, pencils ready. Then we started going through characters to figure out who would play who (they used the iconic characters for this). I ended up grabbing Seoni, the iconic sorceress, Dad grabbed Valeros, the iconic fighter, and Ty grabbed Amiri, the iconic barbarian. The rest of our group consisted of Merisiel (the iconic rogue), Fumbus (the iconic alchemist), and Kyra (the iconic cleric). All in all it was loads of fun trying the new system and running through an adventure. There are definitely still some kinks for them to work out, but Paizo has done a brilliant job of streamlining a lot of the process. After we played through that we headed downstairs for the exhibit hall and the artist alley. Besides a few side items of pins, buttons, and dice most of my money was spent, happily, in the artist alley. We didn’t stop at the food trucks this time, instead we headed back toward the home area and ate at the China Buffet.

Thanks for sticking this post out with me 😀
Enjoy your nerdery, Jel

Gen Con 2018 Haul

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