Virginia Beach Again…

Here we are again Sweets!

I took another trip in July to Virginia Beach. It was a bit longer and didn’t involve any annoying airports. This trip did involve a lot of activities and not so much rest. But honestly I wouldn’t change a second of it. It was exactly what the doctor ordered. Well maybe not all the walking and step climbing that was involved, but the adventure and loveliness was. But I’m getting ahead of myself, so lets start at the beginning.


There was tons of procrastination when it came to packing, literally got it done the night before. Then, resisted repacking my suitcase an additional 4 times before I left for the airport. Chelsea took me to the airport and after a quick stop for breakfast we reached the airport in no time. Since I had to check a bag for the first time in a solid two years, I wanted to arrive a little early. Well apparently I counted for too much time. I got my bag checked and through security in no time. Leaving me a little over an hour and a half to chill. Having already eaten I didn’t need to grab food so instead I did a little reading, listened to the Critical Role podcast (first campaign), and some Pok√©mon catching. Soon enough the plane was there and we were boarding. I snagged a window seat and was on my way to Virginia via Chicago. Minus the time change in Chicago giving me a bit more wandering time, I did pretty much the same thing while waiting. That plane ride was a little more annoying than the first, lets just say a seat hog sat next to me. Soon though I was in Virginia and my vacation had officially begun. Catching up was done, followed by dinner at Olive Garden and a discussion of plans for the days to come. Back to the house for some chill time and sleep.


The next morning I was awoken by a poke and a murmured, “Come on, sunrise”. After my probably not so nice muttered comments, I groggily made my way to the bathroom to get ready. We headed out listening to music and talking and catching back up. Soon we reached the beach and began the climb to get a better view. To our mild disappointment we never did see the sun, however we did see some ships and a bunch of clouds. Food now being the leading thought, we headed back out. IHOP became our destination and our stomachs might have overthought what they could handle. We ordered ALL the food and finished maybe half of it. Then it was back for homework and Critical Role watching. That night a trip was made to have dinner with some new friends and game play, which was a lot of fun (even for someone who hates meeting new people).


On Thursday we went to Busch Gardens! I am loving all the theme park adventures this summer has held. Although I will admit this was probably my favorite one! No rain. No terrible headache. Just pure simple fun. We rode the rides we wanted to, Loch Ness Monster, Alpengeist, and Le Scoot. Losing a hat on the last one. Watched a very German show and ate good food. Lost money while trying to win prizes, I was SO close a couple of times (stupid rigged games). Rode the Skyride back to where we parked, then bought myself a souvenir. All in all it was a really fun day! Seriously, it is one day that I want to repeat over and over again. Probably at this current moment it was my favorite day this summer. Couldn’t have picked anyone better to spend it with either (yes I know you’re probably reading this). We headed back around 4, a little later than we meant to. Food was ordered and we picked Ant-Man to watch (since we had plans to see the new one later that week). Then much needed sleep.


On Friday we group tripped to Water Country for a day of waterslides and fun. We got to the park a lot later than we originally wanted but soon enough we were in the water and having fun. First stop was the wave pool, which is sometimes my favorite thing at a water park and was no different that day. We sat through two or three sets of waves before deciding it was time to head on. The lazy river was next. Where I had to practically pry someone out so that we could go ride more rides. We rode Aquazoid and The Meltdown next. Both of which were fun and involved getting slightly soaked. Then we headed toward the met-up point, snagging dippin’ dots on the way. We then started the long trek back. Hitting traffic and a lovely nerd store on our way. Then it came time for dinner, which was determined to be Chinese delivery and watching Saiki K.


Saturday involved heading out to a newly discovered favorite bookstore. Where some goodies were purchased by us all. But it was also declared date night! So after a generally lazy afternoon we got ready and headed out. Our original dinner plans had to change slightly when the restaurant was busier than we planned for. The place we headed to instead was equally good. Then we headed out to our final destination, the movie theater! Because it was time to watch Ant-Man and The Wasp, hence why we watched Ant-Man a few nights before. After the movie we headed back and watched more of our favorite cartoon series, Star vs the Forces of Evil.

Sunday was filled with absolute laziness. Just cartoon watching and snacking. No real pants required. And all the cuddles a girl could ask for. Then we watched Fantastic Beasts and ate wings to end the trip. The next morning it was a very early trip to the airport. Followed by what felt like an even quicker flight back home!

I honestly can’t wait for my next trip! Jel


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