Oh! Hello there!

Welcome back!

I am so sorry I’ve been MIA. A lot has been going on. Vacationing happened (I plan on posting about that). School has been happening (I might die). Gen Con happened (hello other post). Not to mention other life things. However, I plan on getting back in the swing of regular(ish) postings. In fact, I want to! I love typing up posts for this blog for people to read. Nerdy, adventurey, and everything in between. So, the plan is to get on a Wednesday, Monday posting schedule. Wednesdays being normal posts, adventure posts, rambley posts, etc. Mondays continuing to be nerdy posts. I plan on starting that today! So in addition to this short, informative post you will get a trip post all about my latest vacation. Then on Monday it’ll be a wrap up of Gen Con. So hopefully you’ve stuck with me through all of this! And will continue to do so.

Yours truly, Jel

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