Aloha Sweets!

My friend, Amanda, and myself originally planned on taking this trip around our birthdays in August, but unfortunately the dates we picked the park was closed so we moved the trip up to June. So last Tuesday after I got off work we headed out to Kings Island, the land of all things roller coaster. We got to Mason, OH at a little before 6pm. Checked into the hotel, made our way to the room, unloaded our bags, and decided on dinner. For dinner we decided we wanted Mexican food after seeing a billboard that had a picture of amazing looking nachos on it. A quick google search revealed a few nearby places with decent reviews and minus a wonky GPS signal, we found where we were going. We headed out to El Rancho Nuevo, which turned out to be like a two-minute drive away. Once inside and seated we poured over the drink menu. Each picking a different margarita. Mine was fruity and so good, I practically chugged the thing. Next we ordered food, I got their California Burrito with chicken. Amanda got their Cheesesteak Burrito, which she said was pretty good. All in all dinner was a success.

After dinner we headed back to the hotel and decided to just relax since it was almost 9. We both went to sleep pretty early and got up just as early. In the morning we both showered and got ready to go, packing our things back up and our bags for the day as we went. After a brief discussion of what to do we headed out for the day. Reloading our bags into the back of the car and heading down to check out. Next, we checked out and waited for the bus to head over to the park. Once we were on the bus it was just a quick jaunt to the park, then a short walk up to the gates. With our tickets scanned we were through and on our way in. We had to wait a tiny bit to be able to get into the rest of the park but then we were off. Due to weather and it being a weekday it was actually pretty easy to get around the park because it was slower. After a false start at the Diamondback we headed off to Mystic Timbers. I hadn’t ridden Mystic Timbers before and it was a blast, although I definitely thought that the one part would be scarier than it was. Then we headed over and rode a classic, The Beast, which always beats me up but is so fun. Due to it not being quite 11am we waited a bit for them to open up the White Water Canyon, which we proceeded to ride twice thoroughly soaking ourselves. So we headed over to Soak City.20180627_114645 (2)

Even though we were over there for three hours, all we really did was enjoy the wave pools. Then the heavens opened. Literally. Right after we ordered food the downpours began. And continued on for about 40 minutes. After it finally let up we changed back into shorts and such and set off back over to the park. One train ride later (and a mild irritant of smoke) we were back in the land of adventure. We made our way back to the front, stored our bags in a locker, and headed back out. Unfortunately I had a migraine at this point from the smoke and wasn’t up for any coasters, which was so disappointing because I love coasters and Kings Island is covered in them. Instead we did a bit of wandering around, people watching as we went. We stopped by Graeters to get some ice cream then headed out for Boo Blasters. We loved Boo Blasters. It was a nice chill ride and once I figured out how to work the blaster I slaughtered Amanda’s score.


After a bit of shopping around we decided we wanted to head out before the rain started up again. Of course we got caught right in the middle of it. Soaked (again) we caught the bus back to the hotel. A quick parking lot change and a gas station stop later we were back on the road home. Now I’m not going to lie I had a blast at the park, but I don’t plan on taking another trip with Amanda due to things that happened. And I’ve been struggling to write this post because I loved the park, the rides, etc but certain things kind of tainted that. So here’s hoping my next Kings Island trip will leave a fun memory, unlike this one and the previous one.20180627_183159

Adventure is out there! -Jel


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