Monday Nerdpost: Blasted Tower PT 2

Welcome back Dungeon Dwellers!

We rejoin our party where we left them, in the temple of Cthulhu…

They continue down the hallway passing more small cells as they go. Nothing leaps out to attack just yet. They reach a door, that once opened reveals a lab of some sort. Takora searches through a desk finding some strange notes and books. Tim searches through a nearby shelf, finding oddities in glass specimen jars. Alyara finds much the same on the shelf that she searches through. While Uthal is ever cautious and stands ready at the door. As the party searches through the room they fail to realize that there are creatures here in this room. That is until they attack. Hand like creatures (much like Thing from theĀ Addams Family) spring out tying to cut off airways. Pickled punks (fermented fetuses) surround Tim in hopes of attaching to him. While floating eyeballs and a giant amoeba round out the group. The bard makes quick work of the floating eyeball closest to her before the nearby hand leaps out and attempts to grab her by the throat. Barely missing her. Next the pickled punks begin their assault on the fighter, doing little physical damage but leaving behind a little irritation for later. The sorceress is actually the one who gets it the worst. She is surrounded by four of the creatures. The hand on her succeeds in grabbing her throat and closing off her airway while a few of the other creatures miss. In hopes of helping her weaker friend the barbarian strides forward. Squashing some of the foes attacking Alyara. Soon everything in the room has been defeated and the party gains a few more bits and bobs around the now obvious alchemical lab. Deciding they need the rest, the party spikes closed the door they came through and starts their much-needed long rest.

Meanwhile in a city far away we meet our newest members of the party. A Vishkanya rogue, Tristan, and an Elven wizard, Solana. Not yet acquainted but soon they will be, for better or worse. In fact, very soon because our rogue has just done something he shouldn’t have and the elf gets swept up in it. Which lands her, along with him, in a strange room after being pulled through a portal. After producing a light source they started looking around their new surroundings. An altar with a black onyx statue of a cephalopod headed creature, two pools of crystal clear water, and two tapestries seemingly torn down and tied up. Tristan made his way to the door peering through it and finding only an empty hallway. With a few checks the duo found some foot prints headed down one of the hallways, deciding that that is their best options they head down the long hall in front of them. Approaching the end of the hallway they start to hear sounds from behind the door in front of them.

Woken from their slumber by the glimpse of a light Tim and Takora sneak over to the door to listen. They hear the slow steady steps of two people. Mildly worried the bard starts kicking Uthal saying, “Wake up, wake up, wakeup,” before the fighter has the chance to stop her.

On the other side of the door the two strangers hear sounds of people moving and a steady muttered sentence over and over again. Ducking into two side rooms they hide their light in hopes of drawing out the rooms inhabitants. Breath held they await the next move of those in the room.

Wanting to try something new, Takora makes her way over to the door opening it slowly she begins chanting. Her chanting causes footsteps to come from an unseen source behind the two newcomers. Hoping to draw them out, the bard waits.

Solana hears the chanting, the wizard recognizing it as sounding arcane in nature. As they listen suddenly behind them they hear the approaching footsteps of four people. Yet knowing where their foes lie they are quick to disbelieve it. Continuing to hide out waiting to see what is coming.

(Now I could continue on with this part but this went on for quite sometime before either of us would give. So now we skip ahead in our adventure to the two newcomers joining up with the party…)

As the now six people party searches around the room they find a hidden door that had been missed before. A quick search for traps yields little more than the door being there. It opens into a smallish bedchamber. The rogue moves toward the chest hoping to find untold riches inside. While the bard makes her way toward a desk in the corner. Uthal and Tim follow them in, alert and ready for anything that should happen to jump out. Which was probably good because as the party begins their search from beneath the bed slithers out a snake made of bones, topped with a human skull head. The construct begins to sway back and forth momentarily entrancing the two fighters. Seeing her friends in distress and knowing she needs them to kill this thing, Takora strikes up an inspiring song breaking the creature’s hold. It’s then that the true fight begins. The rogue and fighter opting for long-range attacks. However, the barbarian moves in close and hits the snake like creature with her earthbreaker sending pieces of bones scattering across the room. A few more hits from the group, including a few well placed spells from the spellcasters, and the creature dies. On the desk they find more notes in a strange, unknown language. In the chest they find several items including a small wrapped object. Upon unwrapping it, Takora finds a small jade statue of Cthulhu. Careful to not touch it she quickly wraps it back up and places it in her bag carefully. The party continues onward.

In the next room they find three long tables occupied by three bodies. Each body looks strange and stitched together. As the body looks them over the middle one comes to life. Swinging to attack the nearby party members. The spellcasters try an array of spells only to see that they have no effect, other than one of them seems to speed it up. Finally Uthal steps up to it and goes toe to toe with it. Between the onslaught from her and Tim joining in, inspired by the bard, they make quick work of the creature. Deciding to press on the party proceeds toward the door finding another hallway in front of them. Finding a new room on their left, when Tim opens the door and steps inside the creature makes a sound that freezes the party in their spots. Tim is the first to be woken up as the creature swipes at him to attack him. Turning he quickly wakes up Tristan, who has an internal battle with his self. Flee or help. Deciding to help he makes his way down the line to Takora, remembering her effect with the snake. The bard debates about striking up another tune, when she recalls a story of magical spikes that can sometimes disrupt such creatures. All it requires is a bit of blood to activate. Tim and Takora both grab a spike, cutting themselves to activate the special properties. Attempting to strike at the incorporeal creature, both missing. Luckily the spellcasters have come to and Alyara is able to fire off a few Magic Missiles finally damaging it. After defeating the creature a quick search of the room yields a few goods on a corpse. The party tracks down Tristan who had found the way out and the path the original party had taken.

Join us again next time to see just what our adventurers get up to! -Jel (Takora)


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