Hello you lovely people you!

Today we are going to talk about being you and accepting that. Flaws and all. Lately I’ve been struggling with this. I’m still carrying a little extra winter weight, not to mention my current job is the least active job I’ve ever had. So let’s just say nothing has really fit this summer so far, which bothers me so much. Actually I’ve been pretty hard on myself. In an effort to combat that I’ve done a few simple things.

One: Work-out

Now I’m not talking anything major but starting Monday I plan on working out regularly. Monday through Friday. Giving me Saturdays and Sundays to relax, chill, and not over do it since I’m just getting back to it. Not to mention I’m just talking small little workouts. A 6-10 minute one in the mornings before I shower and another 10-15 minute, yoga based one at night before bed. Then on days off I plan on uping my game a bit and doing a 30-40 minute exercise routine or walk in the middle of the day in addition to my other smaller workouts. None of this is drastic. I won’t see immediate results. But I will start feeling better, I know that from past experience.

Two: Food

Okay so this is misleading. I’m not changing what I eat because for the most part besides the occasionally indulgence I don’t eat that unhealthy. In fact I cook a lot, hardly ever eat out and really don’t eat as much as I used to. I know that doesn’t neccesarily have anything to do with anything but you never know. So my plan here is to just meal plan, pack my lunch for work, and just generally try.

Three: Be Nice to Yourself

This is the hardest part for most people, myself included. I constantly look in the mirror and find something to critique. Hair too frizzy. I’m muffintopping in these pants. You can see my belly too much. But you know what who cares? Everyone has these thoughts. Everyone has moments of doubt. Everyone has that one thing that they hate and pick at. Everyone. So you know what I bought myself two new bathing suits, that fit like a dream. They are bikinis. You can see my stomach. You can see my stretch marks. And I’m proud of that! So it’s time to start being nice to myself and skipping over every little thing that I can see wrong and time to start embracing those flaws.

So be kind to yourselves. Love your flaws. -Jel

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