Monday Nerd Post: The Blasted Tower pt1

Hello Adventurers!

Our adventure begins on an unnamed island in the Azure Sea, in the port town of Hommlet. The town of Hommlet is known for it’s beverages, specifically Blackstone Ale and Redeemer’s Wine. The two groups find themselves in a tavern known as the Drowned Maiden, not yet introduced to one another. Tim and Uthal sit at the bar throwing back a couple of ales when their attention is caught by a slight human girl getting wine for herself and her feline partner. The bard begins playing a song, drawing attention to herself as she attempts to survey the room. Finding the only interesting people to be the human and his rather large rocky companion. Who soon make their way over to join the other two. A few minutes of banter occur before the bard bounces off to the bar to question the Taurian barman, Minas. She asks for any clues to an adventure waiting to happen and is told of two. One is a series of caravan robberies. While the other catches the bard’s need for adventure, ten years ago a nearby watch tower was blasted by a strange green fire. After little discussion the party heads off for the tower.

At what is left of the tower they find strange writing left on the only standing wall. In fact instead of being actual words the writing, written in a dark reddish color, are eyes and mouths. After they round the wall they find an odd scene of three dead humans and a giant two-headed dog. As they examine the bodies, Takora doing some quick remembering that the dog is called a Death Dog, two more appear. One comes for Takora and Uthal while the other makes it way toward Tim and Alyara. In a mild panic the bard points at the nearest Death Dog and tells it a joke as she casts hideous laughter, it falls to the ground laughing as well as a dog can. Tim throws a javelin as his approaching Death Dog. As the one dog lay laughing on the ground, the barbarian approaches. Raising her large earth breaker she brings it down connecting with the dog and doing some serious damage. Next Alyara fires off an elemental bolt of fire toward the dog already injured by Tim. A few more rounds and both dogs are dispatched. As they continue to search around (the bard doing a very poor job of it) the party manages to find a trap door beneath some rubble. Uthal moves the rubble to the side and they gather around it. There is strange write on the solid stone trap door that Alyara is able to determine was once a containment spell, but that it has recently been broken. While the adventure ready Takora is eager to explore it, the rest of the party hesitates and say they should look around up here more. Reluctantly the young bard agrees and continues the search, finding four sets of footprints leading toward the nearby woods. The party follows them. On the edge of the woods they find another body. This one shot in the back with three arrows of similar make that they picked off of one of the previous bodies. Stripped of all it’s possessions it lays there mostly eaten. It’s out stretched arm pointing into the woods and missing its ring finger. With no other clues in this direction they turn back and head for the trapdoor.

Uthal makes quick work of lifting the door and the party files down into the chamber below. The bard casts (using her racial ability) dancing lights to give them light to see around them without the smoke of a torch. In the room they enter they find a strange scene, two dead Goblin-like creatures lay dead on the floor. Both doors in this room have been spiked shut and the one directly in front of them looks as if something very large tried to batter it down. And that is the door the party picked to go through first. Making quick work of pulling out the spikes they begin their journey into the tower. Along the long hall are small rooms, in each one all of the furniture has been pushed to one corner and is in disrepair. Tim who leads the way barely makes it around the corner before he is attacked by some rat like creatures. Due to the hallway being small and only five feet across we struggled to help him fight the creatures. Nevertheless we persisted. Skipping two doors on our way (that yes still bugs me). After a few more rat attacks and Uthal pushing past the fighter to get in on the action, we encountered these cockroach like creatures. They were pretty easy to get rid of but every time one was killed it burst into dust and saves were needed. Luckily we all saved, yours truly of course didn’t have to make the save. Finally the hallway opened up. On the right-hand side were large double doors covered in carvings of a strange underwater city with an octopus door handle. The left-hand side held a battered down, barely hanging on the hinges door that led to a staircase downward. Not wanting to leave even more doors unopened we headed for the large double doors.

Behind the double doors was a large open room with two pools of water and a dias. Large tapestries were draped on the two side walls depicting images similar to those on the doors to the room. On the dias sat an altar and atop the altar was a statue carved from a solid block of onyx of a cephalopod headed man. Tim the fighter approached the dias while Takora checked behind the nearest tapestry. Not finding any hidden doors or anything fun her eyes finally zeroed in on the statue, recalling some religious lore she heard long ago she recognized the statue as one of Cthulhu. At the same time Alyara scanned for magic, discovering that the statue bore conjuration magic. Both realizing the danger they were soon to be in as Tim reached out his hand to touch the statue, the other party members called out, “No!”. Too late. Tim’s hand made contact with the statue. Causing the statues eyes to glow green and the doors to slam shut, which in turn summoned two water elmentals. One directly in front of Uthal who swings at it with her mighty earthbreaker. The other inbetween Tim and Alyara. Seeing her friends in danger and hoping to help them out, Takora starts singing a song to inspire them. With the song filling the chamber the other’s feel inspired and suddenly finding their strikes hitting easier and doing more damage. After Uthal takes a rather devastating blow Takora moves in closer striking the elemental enough to allow her large friend to hit it and kill it. While Tim and Alyara dispatch the other elemental with strength and magic. The creatures dispatched and the statue seemingly disarmed, the party moves around the room looting what they can and even stashing a few bits that they can’t quite carry with them. Healing up the party prepares to head back out into the hallway and venture onward.

Stay tuned for next time! -Jel (Takora Moonflower, Kitsune Bard)


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