A Weekend Off

Hello Again Sweets!

I’ve been absent from here again due to some crazy work hours. But let’s not dwell on that because I am here to tell you all about my awesome weekend off. Last weekend starting Friday at 3:30 pm until Tuesday at 7 am I didn’t have work. It was glorious. I slept. I had fun. I just generally didn’t do anything because I’ve been doing all the things lately. And even though I really wanted to do absolutely nothing I still made plans with people sticking with them even though occasionally I questioned it. So today I’m going to tell you about a couple of the things I did!

Saturday, June 9th


Mallow Run Winery was having their annual strawberry festival and I convinced my friend Carrie that we should go again. She’s a wine lover and I hadn’t seen her in a while so it seemed like the perfect outing. We headed out around 5 to pick up her mom and sister. Once we got them it was back on the road and straight to the winery. Which isn’t far from her mom’s house and can take you past some pretty great houses out in the Center Grove area.

Once we got there we unpacked the van, grabbed our chairs, and started the hunt for a place to sit. We headed down the hill and a little off to the side to sit. After we got comfortable we broke into three groups. Carrie and I went to go purchase the wine. Her mom and sister went to go buy the food (pizza and kettle corn). While her sister’s boyfriend watched our stuff. Bottles of strawberry wine in hand we headed back to the seats to listen to the live band play.

We talked, drank, and just generally relaxed. Catching up on all the events we’d been missing in each other’s lives. Not to mention we all had a nice time. It was one of those lazy summer evenings that you just need every so often.

Sunday, June 10th20180610_155158

I was originally supposed to work Sunday. But Saturday I got a text from a work friend. She wanted to know if I would go to Holiday World with her and her boyfriend. I said sure! Mostly because I had never been and I really wanted to go. Of course I also tried to make sure I’d be back in plenty of time to game that night.

We headed out bright and early. About an hour into our two and half hour trip we stopped at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. After that quick stop we were back on the road. Of course as we were driving Indiana decided to re-embrace it’s rainy season nature and the skies opened. Finally the clouds parted as we neared our destination giving us false hope of a sunny day. When we got to Holiday World the storm renewed and started pouring again. We hurried up and left the car heading for a nearby shelter area. We decided we might as well head for the entrance gate and wait it out there.

Tickets in hand we enter the park finally, the clouds still drizzling on us. We made our way over to Splashin’ Safari traveling through Christmas and Fourth of July. After we got to the waterpark we secured a locker for all our things and then decided to put on our suits. A small wait later we were let in. Only to have to wait out a storm watch in line at the Mammoth. Finally, the storm cleared and we were allowed onto the ride. Which I’ve only ever ridden the water roller coaster at Disney before so this was a nice change. It was honestly so much fun. Minus the excessive spinning. Next we made our way over to the wave pool. I love me a wave pool. Even if it is a bit of a leg work out. After we chilled in there for a few rounds of waves we headed over to ZOOMbabwe. Which we might have been slightly overweight for…but we fudged it and still rode. Then we got some food. Much needed food. Redressed in normal clothes and headed out for roller coasters. We only rode one (unfortunately) but it was the Thunderbird! And no matter how my face looked in the actual ride picture, I loved it. It’s one of those rides that just goes and it was great!

After the Thunderbird we headed out. Hitting more rain and some of the worst traffic ever. They felt bad that my first time there was so iffy but I still had fun. Not to mention I am so ready to go back.

Stay tuned for more roller coaster funsies! -Jel

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