Monday Nerd Post: Meet the New Gang

Welcome back adventure seekers!

Today’s post will introduce you to some new characters whose adventures you’ll get the chance to be privy to. This time around I myself am a player and just a player. My dad is actually running this campaign for my friends and I. So here we go, let’s meet our adventurers.

First up we have my Kitsune bard, Takora Moonflower. Currently she is in her shifted state, that of a petite human with auburn hair and mischievous blue eyes. Her attire is bright and eyecatching, her cloak is patchwork and she’s constantly adding to it. The patch in the center bares the image of a crescent moon over a blooming flower. Takora’s quick with a song and even quicker with a joke. And for a small fee she’ll even tell your fortune, just watch her hands. At a young age Takora was orphaned by mysterious circumstances and later adopted by Gnome traders. Her adoptive parents inventive and tinkering nature only fueled her desire to learn magic, even if it doesn’t always work out well for her. Takora is currently traveling with her newfound friend , a Catfolk sorcerer.

My friend Chelsea is playing Alyara, the Catfolk sorcerer. She looks like a humanoid snow leopard wearing robes of a deep red color, that resembles the burning embers of a fire. On one of her clawed hands is a signet ring bearing the symbol of a noble house from the elemental plane of fire. During her childhood Alyara found herself being raised by powerful entities from that plane, which granted her her powers of magic. Currently¬† Alyara and Takora are traveling together, the Catfolk still isn’t sure what to think of her energetic new found companion.

Our friend Tyshima is playing a Goliath barbarian, Ullah. At an impressive 7’8″ she is a force to be reckoned with. Though her skin has been hardened from living in the mountains she wears hide armor to give her an added bonus. Ullah shatters the very earth with her weapon and though she may not be the brightest bulb she is a steadfast friend. Her appearance puts many people off making her the target of less than fair fights but she isn’t above throwing in a few dirty moves of her own. Actually that’s how she met Tim the fighter.

Chelsea’s husband Tim is playing a Human fighter, Tim the fighter (the name is loosely based off of Monty Python’s Holy Grail).¬†He wears scale mail armor like he was born in it. Wielding a spear and tower shield, he is more heavily armored version of a Spartan warrior. Tim has been in a fair amount of tight spaces, in fact he has even been raised from the resurrected. Giving this sandy haired fighter a different outlook on life, one that he is exploring with his new found friend Ullah at his side.

Those are the four main characters. Tim’s friend, Ross, and his girlfriend, Sierra, also made a couple of characters and plan on joining us occasionally. Ross created a Vishkanya rogue who is in it for his self. Sierra created an Elf wizard with a focus in the arcane school of conjuration.

Hopefully you stay tuned to see where these adventurers wander off too. -Jel

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