Girl’s Pampering Day

Hallo Sweets!

So a few weeks back my friends and I took our friend Chelsea out to celebrate her. She was pregnant with her third child and definitely needed a day that was all her. Now mind you when we took her out on the 12th she had already been having contractions off and on. Fast forward three days and baby Samantha made her arrival!


The plan for the pampering was brunch, pedicures, and just chilling. After a few hours of scurrying to find a nail place that could fit in all six of us, the plan was finished. I had a few new options for a places for us to eat, since we tend to eat at the same place over and over again. Narrowed down to one with plenty of options including vegetarian and pregnancy friendly. So off we headed on the Saturday before Mother’s Day to pamper our soon to be a third time mother. Besides the fact that I think some of us couldn’t be on time if you paid us, it all went off without a hitch and for the most part we were able to stick to a timely time-table.

First, we headed Downtown to CafĂ© Patachou for brunch. We all might have spaced that not only was it Mother’s Day weekend but it was also graduation weekend too. So Downtown was packed with people. We had close to an hour wait before we could be seated, so we found some nearby benches and just chatted. Then we got in and set to ordering our food because we were all quite hungry by that point. My friend, Ani, and I got their blueberry peach smoothie. Let me tell you this, that thing was probably the best smoothie I have ever had. Not to mention it was pretty. I got their BLT sandwich, which also had fresh mozzarella cheese and red onions on there. It was pretty yummy. Two of my friends got their croissant french toast (which I snagged a bite of…yum). The other three all got omelets of varying kinds. All in all brunch was a success and it was time to move on.

After a quick stop at the mall to snag some sandals for my friend, Carrie, we were back on our way. We split into two cars and headed out for the nail place. Once there we all spread out in search of our colors, which ranged from my metallic dark blue to my friend, Chloe’s light springy pink color. They let us all sit in the same room while we got our nails done. Of course several of us used the massage chairs to their full benefit. Personally I just love it for how great my feet and legs feel after, between the technician smooth out my poor, poor feet and the leg massage I turn to jelly. After we all let our polish dry we headed out, going our separate ways.

Hopefully you guys have/had weekends as fun
and friend filled as this one! -Jel

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