Busy, busy, busy

Ah hello again!

Life has been hectic (again)! I’ve been picking up extra shifts at work do to a critical staffing bonus and my need to get/save money. Then my first class finished up on Monday and my next one started Tuesday. So right now I’m just trying to regain my social life bit by bit.

  • One friend just had her baby! Before that we took her out to celebrate and pamper herself (a post on that is upcoming!).
  • My Pathfinder campaign ended, but this next time around I get to be a player again! Stay tuned for Monday nerdposts again.
  • A friend and I have planned a trip in June to King’s Island! I am excited and so ready for the coasters.
  • I have been finalizing plans for another trip to Virginia Beach. Which include more beach time, a trip to the boardwalk, aquarium, and Busch Gardens! I’m pretty psyched for that one too.
  • Before that trip another friend should be having her first baby (the Star Wars baby shower recipient). I’m pretty excited to meet the little fella.

So hopefully you guys will stick with me as I try to get back to posting in a sort of regular schedule again. I have a break upcoming from school so I’ll try to load up on some posts then. Until then my next post will hopefully be up on Monday!

Thanks for sticking with me, Jel

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