A Wicked Sunday

Hello Oz-ians!

In case you haven’t caught on just yet today’s post is all about my past weekend adventure of seeing Wicked. It was my first time seeing it and let me just say I LOVED it. But we’ll get to that later! First lets start with outfit choice and the idea behind it. You see I have this very summery/springy bright pink dress. Add a white cover-up jacket and it was complete. The idea behind wearing it was to mildly “Disney-bound” my outfit (if you don’t know what Disneybounding is check out instagram.com/thedisneybound ). So my inspiration was to dress like Glinda the Good Witch. I think in the long run I nailed the pink dress look quite well.


Before the show we decided on eating nearby on Mass Ave. We went to Bazbeaux pizzeria. Which if you are ever in Indiana you should check it out, it is a great place for pizza and Indiana based beers. We ordered a pizza with bacon and mushrooms. Let me tell you it was so good! The crust was just crispy enough. There wasn’t too much sauce, which for me is a big thing. Not to mention it was super cheesy. YUM! In fact it was so good we ate a slice a piece before I even thought to get a picture of it.


Next we headed out to the theater just a couple of blocks away. We went in through the side/back entrance which put us right next to the stand to buy goodies. It was calling my name the moment I saw some of the goods they were offering up. I went back and forth between a few items before deciding on a lovely blue tank-top and a very nice pin. My aunt bought herself really nice t-shirt with a foil print on the front. After a quick bathroom break, we went to find our seats up on the balcony. Then the show started…

I LOVED IT! I’m not going to lie I love the theater. Plays and musicals like revive my soul. And Wicked gave me everything I wanted. Now don’t get me wrong I knew parts of Wicked (I did have a Tumblr after all) but it was just great getting to finally see it. Not to mention once you see and hear the characters it makes so much sense why Kristin Chenoweth was such a great Glinda (formerly Galinda) and why no one compares to Idina’s Defying Gravity. But this touring group knocked it out of the park! They delivered the lines spot on every time. The jokes landed with out flaw, often getting a chuckle from the crowd before they were even done. And don’t get me started on the singing and music from the pit, I’m pretty sure I still get heart eyes when I think about it. Not to mention the emotions were all there. It was a great show and in all honesty I want to see it again! But I’m also planning on hopefully seeing at least one more show this year.


Until next time my dear Oz-ians, -Jel


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