Room Favorites ’18

Hello again Sweets!

Today’s post is going to be a bit of a different one. Instead of a monthly favorites I thought I’d do a post of some of my favorite parts of my room. Mostly because for the first time in a long time I am really happy with how my room is starting to look. It might be a bit kitschy for some but I like it. Which is all that matters.

-Friend Wall:
It all started with some wedding shadow boxes. Then add in some bits and bobs from various things; corsages from proms, a button that was a gift, bachelorette things, a sugar skull, and a tiny sign that ties it all together. A few frames filled with pictures of all the important people (big and small) to me. A couple plaques with sayings. It’s kinda full but I really do love how it looks. Plus I’m looking to add a couple more small pictures to it.

Ever since I was little I’ve had a corkboard somewhere in my room. For a small while I haven’t had one and honestly I missed it. To me it is such a great way to hang up some memories from recent events. Tickets from concerts, movies, and plays. Invites or cards to and from things. So I grabbed these cute hexagon shaped corkboards to hang up (they are from Target, surprise).


-Camera Collection:
I love cameras. Not being in front of them so much but collecting them. So spread through out my bedroom are various versions of cameras. Mostly older ones right now, I do have newer ones but haven’t gotten around to putting them out. Each one is kind of put with things I feel like fit them well. The polaroid is up with a Stitch figurine and some sea themed Vinylmation figures because it reminds me of Lilo’s camera in the movie. My great-grandfather’s old camera is with a box from another camera, comic related goods, and some travel goods. I can’t really explain how but it just fits in with all them. Just like my tiny, little Brownie Starmite camera fits in with the lantern and other things it’s surround by. Finally, my Spartus Full-Vue is on a shelf with some vintage looking Vinylmations to tie in with how it looks.

-String Lights:
I love string lights of all kinds. My parents bought me some for Easter and I got a second strand so that I could have them wrap around one corner of my room. They run behind my chair and headboard. They are cute and oddly remind me of little hot air balloons. They are plastic but look like glass and are just so pretty. Plus they add a nice cozy feel to my room.


Hopefully you enjoy this little glance into my room and some of my favorite bits of it! I’ll see you next time around with a post about my upcoming adventure to see a play and get some yummy food! -Jel


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