Professional life vs Social life

Hello Sweets!

I meant to post this Wednesday but things happen. So now you get two Saturday posts! This one now and another at my normal 5pm time. Not to mention I am terrible about sticking to schedules. Anywho, I figured it’d be a tad therapeutic to  just talk out my busy life schedule and the minor struggle of trying to balance it all. So bear with me as I ramble a bit. And if you have any advice on what helps you with your life balance let me know! I am always looking for new tips and tricks.

First, let me explain what I mean before I start rambling. By professional life I mean work and school. That balance between those two is tough enough, but throw in trying to maintain a social life and everything becomes a minor struggle. Like the week of the baby shower it was super hectic trying to figure everything out. I didn’t pick up extra work shifts or stay later. The car broke down so that was an added struggle. Plus class started that Tuesday so I had to finish all of my assignments(on that day because I wouldn’t have time later). Not to mention trying to prepare everything for the shower itself. Part of me is glad I had that crazy week because without it I don’t think I would have realized just how much I am going to have to schedule out. And that alone will be a struggle for me. For I am the perpetual procrastinator. So right now I have like a two calendar system going for me (mentioned in another post) which currently seems to be working.

Then there is the whole trying to add in social events as well. So far it is pretty manageable but I know in August and October-December could present problems. Right now the biggest thing I need to watch is overwhelming myself. This week I’ve worked 52 hours have two days off then back at it for another 48. I picked up shifts because I enjoy the overtime pay but it doesn’t allow much time for other things. Like friends, family, and just relaxing. I have a few things planned over the next few weeks and I’m trying to pace myself and spread out the overtime I’m picking up, school work, and being social with people. Deep down  I know I’m going to end up overdoing it at some point but for right now I’ve found the perfect balance and I’m happy with it.

Again hit me with all your tips and tricks for a busy life! Hopefully you enjoyed this ramble of a life insight!

Until next time -Jel


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