In a Galaxy Far, Far Away There was a Baby Shower

Greetings Jedis!


On Sunday I threw my best friend of twelve years her baby shower for her first child. It went off without a hitch besides a few last minute texts to people for chairs and ice. In my typical fashion I waited last minute to do most of the decoration making and hanging. Lots of sitting on the floor making tissue paper balls and paper lanterns, my back was not happy with me. Not to mention fighting with an ancient printer in hopes of printing off all the cute little signs that I had made but I wasn’t very lucky there(still got my signs though). All that mattered though was my friend and her husband had a great time.

The shower was Star Wars themed, co-ed, and family friendly. My friend wanted something small, personal, and where she wasn’t the center of attention. So it was held at my house, with some rearranging of furniture and a few extra chairs we had room for everyone. It was from 1:30 to 4:30, so it was nice, short, and sweet. And besides opening the gifts there wasn’t much time spent focused solely on her. All in all I think it was kind of what she wanted and I’m happy that I was able to help that happen.

Babyshower Decorations

For decorations I tried to keep it simple but still cute. There were loads of blues, blacks, grays, and whites. Balloons of all shapes and sizes, including two very life-sized Storm Troopers. Tissue paper balls, paper lanterns, and paper fans spread through out. Galaxy themed table clothes used as backdrops. Inflatable lightsabers, which the kids loved and played with the whole shower. Various cut-outs of ships and characters. A few small diaper cakes topped with Funko Pop! Star Wars characters. Just loads of simple cute things that carried across the theme without being overpowering.

As far as guests my house was packed! All of her friends came. All of his family. There were people everywhere. All of who had come out to celebrate the happy parents and their soon to be little one. His nieces were the first to take pictures in front of the backdrop and to play with the lightsabers. Soon our friend’s kids joined in and the rooms were filled with the sounds of happy laughter as they “fought”. The adults shared beers and food, swapping stories and happy moments. Everyone paused long enough to ooh and aah over all the baby things that they received. At about 3:30 most everyone headed out, except for mom, dad, and a few friends. After packing up the car with all their goods they headed out as well, only to return later to take me out to a thank you dinner.

Babyshower People

Hopefully you guys enjoy this post full of fun things!


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