Easter Weekend ’18

Χαίρετε Sweets!

So Easter might have been a few weeks ago but I did a ton over that weekend. All of which could be fun to share with you guys! Here goes, my Easter weekend…

Friday, March 30th

An Indiana staple closed on this day, Santorini’s Greek Kitchen served it’s last dinner and towards the end of the night was turning people away. It was a tad bittersweet because we had gone to Santorini for so many dinners over the years. The first time I ever stayed at my friend Chloe’s house, freshman year of high school, her mom and her took me there for my first ever taste of Greek food. Junior and Senior year prom dinners were held there. Not to mention introducing people to the gloriousness that is saganaki (aka flaming cheese). The last dinner was no less spectacular than every other meal we had eaten there. This time around I went with Chloe and her Vagina Warriors (the lovely women she did Vagina Monologues with). Normally I’m quite awkward around new people but between the gushing about how delicious Greek food is and their welcoming vibe that melted away quickly. We ordered two rounds of saganaki which was devoured like we were starved. They also serve small salads dressed in Greek dressing. Next came our main courses. I ordered a chicken gyro (my personal favorite) which comes with the usual sides of Greek potatoes, green beans, and rice. Chloe got spanakopita (her favorite) served with the same sides. Three of the other ladies ordered the combo plate, giving them a good variety of foods to try. The other member of our party got moussaka and the same sides as Chloe and I. After a bit of a chat we ordered dessert. Three orders of the chocolate ganache cake and two orders of galaktoboureko. Let me tell you right now that the chocolate cake is quite literally sex on a plate. I might have moaned out loud when I took that first bite. But have no fear my dear Sweets if you live in Indy or are visiting and want to throw a little bash, Taki and Jeanette are still catering with their delicious Greek food. It’s just a minimum of $100 required (easy enough if you love Greek food). So even though we’ve said good-bye to Santorini’s Greek Kitchen it isn’t gone forever.

Saturday, March 31st

On Saturday, Dad and I went to Indiana Comic Con. My second time and his first. It’s a bit different for us because we are used to going to the ever growing Gen Con. Comic Con was bigger this year but it is still on the smaller side. But it is no less fun. I love wandering around it. It is an eclectic mix of comics, figurines (collectible and not), artist alleys, and stars to get signatures and pictures with. Not to mention the Con goers in cosplay. I saw some really amazing cosplays this year but never really got the chance to stop and take pictures. The one picture I did snag was of a family of Groots and the lone Jack Skellington traveling with them. Of course I raided the artist alleys for all kinds of goods. I scored some amazing art prints from several artists (Mel Cordes, Kayla Mitchell, Corinne Roberts, Diana Levin, and Zac Atakinson). Not to mention a set of badass coasters, a Tee Turtle t-shirt, and some nerdy jewelry. I was also able to find a few prints for friends along the way. The one thing I didn’t buy but definitely considered buying were more Funko Pop! figures. We left after threeish hours and headed out to get some food as we were both starving. Which meant China Buffet here we come. All in all it was a fun nerdy day with my dad and those are some of the best kinds of days.

Sunday, April 1st


We spent Easter day with my Aunt, Uncle, and his mom. They fixed dinner and I prepared the desserts. I went with a family favorite pie that I knew everyone likes already, French Silk. Plus a few berry tarts which are a personal favorite (not to mention my dad, who doesn’t do sweets, will devour them). It was actually pretty nice getting to spend the holiday with them. I think we all kind of enjoyed it. Hopefully we can continue to have fun family get togethers like this one.


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