Whoops, Hello Again!

Hello Sweets!

Oh how I’ve missed you. Seriously. I have greatly missed blogging but finding time in my currently hectic life is a struggle. Work. School. Social life. Family time. Downtime. It is a all a delicate balance that I have let shift a bit too much. Of course it has shifted toward the work/school side. Hence my crazy boring life here recently, but don’t you worry! I have a fun Easter weekend post planned. I know it is a weekish late but it snowed here in Indy so most Easters have been postponed. Plus besides being horribly sickly over the holiday I did do loads of fun things and I would like to share! I will also get back on to a better schedule of blog posts again as well! Or that is the plan…if I can keep my life straight. Because right now besides school and work, I have a baby shower to throw on Sunday (expect some lovely post of that), a surprise for another pregnant friend, and just rest for me. I am very afraid of getting too close to burning out. So I am attempting breaks and finding time to just relax. Like watching Critical Role, talking to the boyfriend, hanging out with friends, and just being a tad bit of lazy bum. Wish me luck on the laziness level!


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