Monday Nerd Post: The Mad Mansion

Greetings and welcome back Adventurer’s!

I know it has been a bit but vacations for a player and myself got in the way of us being able to play. So here we are the latest installment in the adventures of our unlikely band of heroes…

We rejoin our adventurers on a day like any other. Waking up and busying themselves around the house until, much like before, a knock on the door disrupts their quiet. A young woman stands at the door and asks the adventurer’s for their aid. She was sent here by the city guards, who have their hands full with the plague. The young woman introduces herself and explains that she needs the party’s help in finding her missing brother. A young Varisian man who is a rising star of the orchestra. He took a job at the Carowyn manor and hasn’t been back since. She says that she stopped by the manor a few days ago to check on him but all she could find was an odd sickly sweet smell. All of the windows had curtains pulled tight so she wasn’t able to see in. The characters listened to her, hearing her out and debating amongst themselves about taking the job on. She offers them all of her belongings (amounting to about 100gp) and season tickets to the shows. The party agrees and sets off for the mansion.

Once they reach the mansion they find it in much the same state that the girl had told them about. Curtain drawn tight. Doors and windows locked tight. Sickly sweet smell seeping out. With a few successful climb checks they make it over the hedge fence. They search through the garden and servant’s quarters. Not finding much but building tension as they approach the back door of the mansion. Once inside they decide to split the party. Morgrym, Rilka, and their animal companions head into the dining room. While Makoa, Reda, and Tessara head into a small den. The dining room reveals a gruesome scene, the first of many, around the table sit eight zombies all still eating the now rotten food before them. As the four members of the party enter the room four of the zombies struggle out of their seat and move to attack. The group makes quick work of these foes and heads for a door in the far corner. In the den everything seems fine, a quick search doesn’t reveal much other than a crossbow bolt suddenly lodging it’s self in to Makoa’s shoulder. Soon after the shot creepy, maniacal laughter fills the house. Followed by a taunting statement of, “Oh new play things. How delightful!”

The party regroups in the large open ballroom where they are met with another grisly sight. Three couples of costumed zombies jerk around in a mockery of a dance. Standing behind them is a large body of seemingly plagued bodies. As the party advances all three couples turn to attack. During the attack Reda and Morgrym find themselves targets of crossbow colts similar to the one that hit Makoa. After they dispatch the dancing zombies they examine the pile of bodies. The Dwarf is able to tell on closer inspection that most of the people here were killed by crossbow bolts/dagger wounds as opposed to the typical plague symptoms. A quick Arcana check reveals some sort of lingering magic to the Half-Elf but not much else. The party heads in the direction that the last bolt came from and find a new macabre scene in the room. A zombie harpist stands in front of a group of four other undead, moving to attack the party as soon as they enter the room. Knocking it’s fellow undead to the ground. When Morgrym goes to check the open doorway he is hit with another crossbow bolt. This prompts the Reda to cast detect magic, with the first successful concentration check she can sense a hidden being in the room with them. Yet the next check is a fail and she loses the trace. This is when they decide to spilt the group yet again.

Morgyrm, Rilka, and the animals head into the connecting room. Which merely reveals what would have served as the office for the master of the house. Not much can be found in this room but they do find another door leading out. They head through it and are greeted by three more zombies. Two dressed as a lion and lioness, the other is a servant serving them off of a silver platter. The zombies get in a few good hits but are still quickly dispatched by this group. They check the area for their crossbow wielding foe but come up empty handed. A quick discussion leads them to the decision to head upstairs into what appears to be an open gallery.

Reda, Makoa, and Tessara chose to head to the back of the house. Finding the kitchen and the very disturbing scene of two zombies, still dressed in their fine livery, carving a third dressed as a pig. When the three enter into the room the two zombies move to attack. A few well placed blades and spells make quick work of these zombies. Makoa discovers a door and staircase leading down, the group decides to follow it downward. Still keeping an eye out behind them, just to be safe.

Up in the gallery, several zombies walk around viewing the art hung up there. Sitting in a chair off in an alcove on top a small group of dead bodies is an Elf dressed in a jester’s outfit. She smiles at the group as she toys with one of the dead men’s head at her feet. “Oh have you come to play?” she calls out in a haunting manner, laughing as the surrounding three zombies move to attack. Her first move is to lazily lift her hand, point a finger at the Dwarf and murmur out a spell. A sickly green bolt strikes him in the chest, suddenly he can barely move or lift his weapons. It’s like all of his strength has been sapped. Still they fight one, Moose making quick work of all the zombies while Morgrym squares up with the Elf trying to take her on. As they fight she reaches out, her hand glowing a pale blue and touches the Dwarf. Suddenly he is filled with mild fear and a great desire to get away from her. Once she starts to look a bit beat up, the Elf smiles and vanishes in front of their eyes.

Back downstairs our other group makes their way into a cellar. They find it well stocked in preparation for the party that was meant to take place here. Looking around they quickly realize that the party must have been stopped in it’s early stages because there is still plenty of wine and high end booze left. In the southeast corner they find a small locked door. Tessara makes quick work of the lock. Once the door is open inside they find Ausio Carrowyn, the master of the house. He is frightened and quickly tells them a tell of untold horror. About how one of the acrobats they hired started attacking the party guests, picking them off one by one. Laughing the whole time. He’s been down here for days each time he thought to venture out her haunting laughter forced him back into hiding. It is at this point that the chilling laughter fills the cellar. In a moment of quick thinking Reda grabs the door slamming it shut. Two bolts lodge themselves in the door. A few moments of a cat and mouse style fight lead to Makoa and Tessara following a trail of blood to the dying Elf. Reda not far behind suggests tying her up. Before following that advice they get all the information they can out of the crazed Elf.

Soon they gather Ausio and the Elf up, heading out of the house and back into the city. Not among the dead though is the young Varisan that they were searching for. Join us next time as the party continues their hunt for the missing man and the real culprits of this plague that is ravaging the city.

Your GM, Jel


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