Trip Post: Virginia Beach pt1

Hello again Sweets!

It has been awhile but I was out on an adventure and generally trying to live in that moment. But this post was always going to happen so here it is! Trip post numero uno! There will be some serious gushing in this post due to the whole reason for this trip. Not to mention that there is going to be a few other trips to the same location because, well you’ll see. I’m really hoping this post will make sense but I am a tiny bit afraid I will ramble because of how happy I am/was.

This trip took some planning. And nerves. Both the good kind and the bad kind. This trip was so I could meet my long distance boyfriend for the first time. I was so nervous, not to mention scared. So much could have gone wrong and I was being very trusting for a smart young woman in her 20s. I literally got to the Indy airport so early because I needed to so I didn’t back out. Not to mention I was hoping having time to kill would make me a tiny bit less nervous. It helped some, but so did a phone call from said boyfriend. Now came the nerves for the connecting flights and trip itself. I hate connecting flights! So much. I was nervous that I’d miss my plane. I packed a carry-on because I worried about getting my bags lost. Just so much could go wrong in just the travel aspect of everything. My first flight was a two-ish hour flight to Baltimore from Indy. The flight was nice. It wasn’t full so the seat next to me was empty. The flight attendants were funny and it was just enjoyable all around. Now the Baltimore airport on the other hand, still makes me cringe just thinking about it.

Baltimore was just so busy. People were a little rude. I was more nervous here than in Indy. Because I was closer to my destination and the reality was starting to set in. This was really happening. This was it. I was on my way to see this man, who I had never met in person. Only ever talked on the phone and video chat. Trying to get my mind off of all that I wandered around the airport. Going into the various little stores that were still open. Grabbing a post card, drink, and some snacks I headed back to my gate. I sat and snacked in front of the charging station so I could charge my phone back up. Once that was charged I moved to a very uncomfortable chair so I could try typing up some stuff on my laptop. It was nearing 10 finally and the plane was there so I got ready to board. More than ready to continue on with my journey. Ready to get to Virginia. Ready to see him. Not to mention I was ready to get some sleep and I was only one 50 minute plane ride away from that (which the whole trip seemed much, much quicker than that). Soon the flight was over and landing at Norfolk airport.

A few texts and several minutes spent trying to breathe calmly later, I was face to face with the man I had been talking to for five months straight. The man who I talk to every day. In various ways. Which I’m not going to lie (and he will hassle me for this slightly) I don’t remember much about that moment. Pretty sure we might have hugged (maybe?). He offered to take one of my bags and I easily agreed. We hurried off (literally man walks sooooooo fast) to his car. (Before anyone says anything about the not so safeness of this all don’t worry, I thought about that. Still went through with it though. I’m still alive.) Since we both were a little (a lot) nervous the car ride was maybe a tiny bit awkward. That went away sort of quickly though after he showed me around his house and we sat together on the couch for a bit. Exchanging a few kisses and touches. Then sleep.

A very early wakeup after a late bedtime happened. Followed by a needy, “Come cuddle,” text which was the start to our first day. We chilled for a bit, watching random things and talking (maybe more). Then a quick shower was taken so that we could head out for food. He took me to Citrus for breakfast, because he always tells me about it when I mention breakfast. I got a waffle and bacon. Which yum! He got she-crab soup and chicken fried steak breakfast. We debated about going to the beach but decided that a nap would be nicer! So back to his house we headed. A few minutes later we were curled up under a blanket, snoozing away. We ate at his house for the night and watched Les Misérables. A musical I had never seen before and he was all about showing me things I’d never seen before.

Another early morning filled with cartoon watching, cuddling, and maybe a tiny bit of loving. We had a quick shower and discussed getting food but decided to wait. After a quick watch of the finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race we headed out for a very late breakfast. After breakfast we jammed out to my random playlist of songs to sing along to on our way to the beach. Then we finally reached our destination. Him in a jacket, long sleeved shirt, t-shirt, and jeans. Me in a tee and jeans. I lost the shoes as soon as I could and we walked on the soft sand for a bit enjoying the sunshine. The wind was crazy but I was finally on the beach and so happy. Plus I had my man with me and just could not have asked for anything better. We didn’t stay long but I have been promised a few more days during the summer! After the beach we headed back to his. He set up the reservation for dinner that night then we napped. A tad groggy we got up and changed into date clothes. At which point he gave me his gift. Something that almost made me cry right then and there. Something that I’ve worn every day since I got back home. A very pretty necklace with a sunflower and seashell charm. Man done did good. Then he did so much better with our dinner date. We went to PF Changs where I had never been before. First we split the dynamite shrimp. Then he got the Mongolian Beef and I got the Honey Chicken. Next was dessert. Soon we were back to his to watch Thirteen Ghosts. After which we started to kiss and giggle, before we made our way to the bedroom for dessert round two. Then we snuggled up and drifted off to sleep while watching cartoons.

The next two days were spent cuddled up and watching cartoons. Which honestly was all I really asked him for on this trip. I just wanted cuddles and to be close to him. To get the chance to talk to him. To finally get to know him in all the ways I’d been dying to. Now that this trip has happened I am sad that we don’t live closer. Yet at the same time I am even more ready for my upcoming summer trip and actually can not wait. Like I always want it to hurry up and be summer but now I have a reason for it. To see him. To kiss him. To continue growing our still budding relationship. Because trust me I did not handle the night before leaving well, tears were mildly involved.

Speaking of tears after a too quick good-bye, the walk through the airport was rough. I’m sure I looked just sad. Occasionally just randomly crying. Because between the two hours of sleep and definite lack of boyfriend I just was not handling it well. The flight back home was pretty good. I spent most of it sleeping (okay all of it). Then I was back home in Indy, missing my man and buying concealer to hide a few love marks. A much needed nap later then I got a call and a reminder of just how loved I am now. So stay tuned for July!

Hopefully you all made it through the sappy gushiness! -Jel


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