Travel Journal

Greetings Sweets!

So my latest project is a “travel” journal. Well in all actuality it is more of an adventure journal. I plan on documenting trips. But also any other outings that I go on. Meaning zoo trips, museum trips, cons, and all manner of fun adventures. Right now I’ve only got a few pages set up but I am loving how they look so far. The big page spread is upcoming though along with my trip! I’ve already got some ideas for the layout. Plus I’ve printed off some airport/flight things to use. So when I post my trip post expect some lovely page updates.

I figured that a good place to start off with for this book of adventures would be with an inspiring quote. Something that every time I open it can inspire me to continue on. The quote I picked is, “Into the wild I go. Losing my way, finding my soul.” Which when I saw those words it spoke to my soul. It is exactly what I want to do. I want to wander off until I’m lost because that is where my happy place is. Where I know my soul resides. So hopefully I can achieve that with this book in hand.

Page two holds a map of the USA. Where I have started to color in the states that I have visited, which is depressingly small. Although it is ever growing. On the opposite page I’ve titled it “Where I’ve been and what I’ve done”. I’m really looking forward to listing out all the adventures I’ve been on for the year. Always giving me a lovely reminder of what is listed inside the journal. There’s also this lovely little sticker on there that I ordered and I love them. They are the perfect addition to my journal (since I can’t draw very well). This one I felt like fit the page perfectly because it was a girl with a suitcase, ticket/passport in hand. Just looking like she is ready to run off on an adventure.

The next page is for packing. I am an AWFUL packer. I pack the night before but I always seem to do it so frantically. Which means I tend to forget something. Razor. Bathing suit. Sandals. Other random items that can be bought while gone but still. So this page will hopefully help with that somewhat. It is a packing list page. It is broken down into Essentials, Toiletries, and Misc. I didn’t list out each individual clothing item but I did say how many outfits/shoes which obviously allows some leeway as well. The rest of the list I did however break down into individual items. So hopefully this will be the start of the end of forgetting items. (Or I can dream)

Now the next one will be a spread of all the things I collect on my Virginia Beach trip. And then a few pages after will detail out any fun things that I do while I’m on vacation. Although I do plan on keeping it quite chill. I want to actually rest! So it’ll only be a couple of pages unlike other future posts.

Well that’s it for now Sweets! -Jel


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  1. Carly | says:

    I love keeping a travel journal (though I usually forget to write in it after two or three weeks of traveling…)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would do the same! That’s why I’m hoping I’ll be able to keep up with it.


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