Welcome Sweets!

I am here to tell you I am traveling coddiwomple through life. With a vague idea of where and what I want. Nothing more though. I’ve got a job that will continue to see me through school and anything else that should arise. School is a big stepping stone for me in the right direction for a load of things. Plus I plan on just having the best kind of life I can. This year is going to be my year. Or that is what I’m shooting for.
But again I have no definite outline of what/where/when I want to do. It’s all very vague. Which is keeping me happily calm and cool. Because otherwise I would be going insane with anxiety. I’m happy with where I am heading. My fate is finally aligning with what I have always wanted. I mean there are still a few small things that I have to work on but slowly I am getting there. My checklist is ever shrinking and that gives me a great kind of satisfaction.
The only things left to do are necessary but small. Get my license and a car. Save money. Eventually move out on my own. Just get out there in general. You know the basics of being a grown adult human. So I am working towards those goals but not purposefuly. Just very coddiwomple about it all.

You’re welcome for the short post 🙂 Hopefully you all understood my ramblings. -Jel


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