February Favorites

Hello Sweets!

2018 is down another month and somehow I feel like this one is the one where I got my life back on track. I’m eight months in at my new job and still loving it which is always a nice surprise. Decided to go back to school and even though there has been a minor set back on that, I am still stoked for what that will bring. Plus I’ve found someone who makes my heart happy and makes my soul shine again. Which is nice considering my relationship track record. But today’s post is about some of my favorite things that have made February nicer. I liked how my last favorites post looked so for now I am sticking with that theme. (Always open to feedback on how you guys like the vibes of these too!)

One: Acer Laptop
This is the big one. I haven’t had a laptop in close to four-ish years. So it is nice to be able to type on an actual keyboard and be able to adjust things better. Not to mention this was a big helpful stepping stone for school since without this I wouldn’t be able to attend my classes. Now it is a basic laptop. Nothing fancy here. Which is all I wanted. Durable and decent. On the other hand it is upgradeable which is a huge bonus. I can upgrade my RAM to 32 and add a second hard drive. Currently I’m running on 4GB and one hard drive and haven’t had a single issue but I have gone ahead and bought another 4GB to add to it. So I can start running a bit faster. Wish me luck.

Two: Comic Books
I have always been this kind of girl. I love, love comic books. In all shapes and forms. In fact for awhile I had an account with Webtoons and was reading all kinds of web comics. Not to mention the web comics that I follow that are updated daily/weekly. My favorite of which is the Devil’s Panties. Yet ever since a visit to a local comic book shop during Christmas I have been obsessed with actual comic books. So the other week as a treat to myself, after a particularly rough work week, I went and bought four comics. They’re a random assortment much like everything else I do but I have loved each of them so far. Plus I might have found a few others to check out too. This is going to be a new obsession I can already tell.

Three: Critical Role
As if I wasn’t nerdy enough this year I have decided to start watching Critical Role. For those of you who don’t know what it is. Critical Role is “a bunch of nerdy ass voice actors playing D&D”. It is made/produced by Geek and Sundry. The above quote is literally what they start every episode with and it could not be more true. But it is honestly so nice to watch. Not only is it fun to see people enjoying something that you yourself enjoy so much, but it is also a great way to learn how to DM/play in a new style. They are all so descriptive when it comes to the game and sometimes I feel like that might be something that my games personally lack. Yet since I started watching it I feel like I have been able to better weave in more details. If you are a nerd and into things like that it is for sure definitely worth a watch. I am watching campaign two and slowly catching up on the very long campaign one.

Four: Starting School Again
This is probably the roughest favorite I have. I was stressed for days trying to turn things in on time and then I got an email yesterday that kind of ripped my heart out. Instead of being able to start classes today, I got pushed back to April. I know it isn’t a big deal but it hit me like a ton of bricks. Finally get the desire to try for school again and then that happened I just couldn’t handle it especially with everything else that has been going on. BUT I am still excited for it. This is such a good change for me and will hopefully open up even more opportunities for my future. Like I have honestly never been so excited/proud for/of myself.

That’s all I’ve got this time round. Hopefully you continue to stick around and enjoy.



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