Monday Nerd Post: False Starts

Welcome back Adventure Seekers!

This week we find our adventurers returning home again for an easy nights rest after their journey beneath the waters of the Jeggare. Recovered from their wounds and spent magic the party starts their day. The night before as they headed home they had heard rumors of a new sort about the plague. Rumors that the plague was being spread/caused by Wererats. That the rats had even killed a few dock workers, of course no one mentions that it was only after one of their own was brutally murdered. So the next morning as the players decide what to do there comes a knock at the door. The door opens to reveal Ishani and an elderly woman with yellowed eyes. Ishani asks the adventurers to sit and hear out his friend and to not be alarmed by anything that should happen. The woman introduces herself as Eris Yelloweyes and she asks the party for their help. For you see a member of her race is trying to start a war in these already trying times, with those words Eris’ form begins to shimmer and change. Where the old graying woman had stood now stands an old graying Wererat. The woman rushes on, “Griggiz is set on making this into a war. He thinks that the city is weak with the plague and now is the time to strike.” She goes on to mention that many of her people disagree with the drastic tactics of Griggiz and asks that party to help her stop him. Eris is sure that most of his followers could be persuaded to peacefully abandon this foolhardy tactic but knows that Griggiz won’t go down without a fight. Should the group agree to help her she offers the Wererat’s help in disposing of plagued corpses and information should they find anything helpful. Knowing that what she is offering will help them in the future they readily agree and set off to find the Wererat lair.

Following Eris’ map they are led through the sewers of the city to a split path. There is a crack in the wall big enough for them to squeeze through or they could continue on down the sewer tunnel in hopes of finding their way in. They pick the crack. Finally wading into the thick sludge that has been flowing down the middle of the path and now trickles in through this crack. After a few successful saving throws they are now in the same room as three Wererats and several dire rats. Morgrym charges in first, getting shot at and bit for his troubles. Then Reda and Rilka come forward speaking silvery words of understanding causing the Wererats to lower their bows and wait to hear them out. Makoa seals the deal with a final promise that they are only here to help both them and the people of Korvosa. The Wererats leave with directions given to Griggiz’s location. The dire rats are not so easily persuaded and continue the assault. Two are slain while the third is bought with honeyed words and promised treats from the Druid. The party continues onward convincing more Wererats to abandon their plans for war. Finally the adventurer’s approach where Griggiz is hiding after battling a few more dire rats and rat swarms. As they make their way into the room Griggiz greets them with snarled threats and launches into his attack. While successfully avoiding his bite attacks the party is able to defeat Griggiz and stop the beginnings of war before it starts. After a quick raid of the gathered goods in the store-room the group emerges back on to the city streets and inform Ishani, Eris, and Cressinda of their work.

After a quick leveling of characters (hello level 5!), the group decides that it might be time to venture out to buy and sell some goods again with their new-found funds. The party heads out to buy some new goods, sell a few old goods, and to pick up any rumors they might hear. As they travel the streets they can’t help but to notice a new sight. On almost every block is a man or woman wearing a lavender colored tunic and calling out, “Lavender’s Luxuriant Liniment the cure of all your aches and pains. It even cures the plague.” People are flocking to this shop where the supposed plague cure is being sold. (At this point my friend pointed out that she couldn’t help but to think of that scene from Sweeny Todd where the boy is selling the snakes oil. Cue a mini singing break.) As the party approaches the store there is a line out the door and around the block. Reda and Morgrym join the line. Rilka shifts into the small tabby cat and sneaks her way into the shop. Tessara and Makoa head over to the window of the shop. Reda easily wins over the crowd with a bluff check, not taking it too well when the crowd readily agrees that it looks like the sickness will take her at any moment. Morgrym struggles through a couple of intimidate checks but eventually makes it into the crowded shop as well. Cat Rilka has no issues easily sneaking around the perimeter of the store. The other two outside begin to sneak off around the side of the building.

The inside of the shop has a similar scene like the street corners except Vendra, the owner of Lavender, herself is here selling it. Calling out to the crowd that you’ll go to bed ill and wake up better than before. The people are rushing the counter to buy the Liniment by the case, some opening bottles and downing the liquid then and there. A voice from within the crowd speaks up saying, “I had the plague. Took this before bed and now look at me.” The adventurer’s look him over noticing that he does in fact seem to be better. Morgrym buys a bottle of the liniment and uncorks it. A few sniffs of the contents reveal a familiar smell to him but nothing quite stands out enough through the sickly sweet smell of perfume. Reda starts to question the healed man’s statement. She gets him to wavier with a few well rolled bluff/intimidate rolls yet she can’t quite seal the deal with proving him a fraud. But when Morgrym cries out that he is a fake the Dwarf is forcefully removed from the shop by two guards. Vendra cries that the shop is closed as countless bottles of perfume are knocked to the floor as he is being escorted out. Reda snags two bottles of Liniment on her way out the door. Cat Rilka is still inside sneaking around and if it wasn’t for a botched stealth check she might have made it through the back door. Instead she is picked up by the scruff of her neck and thrown at the Dwarf. As they stand outside discussing more possibilities the rest of the party joins them and informs them about what they saw in the alley. Reda hands a Liniment to Rilka and Makoa, who quickly figure out that it is as the dwarf thought. Nothing more than river water, perfume, and sugar. A decision is made to come back at night and take care of it then. For now they would stock up.

Their shopping trip yielded new armor for the Dwarf, a magical rod for the Half-Elf, new boots for the Elf, and a circlet for the Halfling. It was a successful trip all in all. The group headed home to wait for nightfall and their chance to get in to Lavender. Being relatively stealthy for this group the adventurer’s neared the shop where two guards stood outside the door. It is at this time that the Dwarf proceeds to fumble his stealth check and stumble on the cobblestone streets. As the guards call out the Half-Elf thinks quick and calls out, “Get back here you drunk Dwarf!” Laughing, the guards resume their post not realizing what danger is about to befall them. With a well placed axe end to the temple and a daze spell the guards are tied up and tucked away in the doorway. Tessara makes quick work of the lock and they’re in. As they examine the floor of the shop they discover some nice perfume that will fetch a nice price if sold to the right buyer. They finally make their way to the back door and through it. There sits the staircase leading upward. Slowly they make their way to the top, stealth being key. At the top they find an empty apartment styled like that of a noble woman of Chelish descent but nothing of real interest. That is until Reda finds a door in the small bedroom that seems to lead into the building next door. Grabbing a crowbar they found earlier, Morgrym approaches the door and easily pries off the boards but fails at doing so stealthily. Two guards rush for the door while Vendra can be heard running around and screaming. The Dwarf easily takes down the first one with help from some long-range spells. The group moves into the next small room and takes out the next guard, Reda practically frying him to a crisp with a well placed shocking grasp. Finally they make it to Vendra (who if the GM could have rolled better is secretly a horrible person) who after a few honeyed words becomes remorseful what she’s done and begs to leave the city. The party agrees to her surrender. She leaves the city her name now disgraced as rumors that her cure-all was in fact nothing more than snake oil.

The party returns home to rest. This is where our bi-weekly adventure ends. See you next week!

GM Jel


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