Life update

Hullo Sweets!

I’ve done a few exciting things here lately and I want to share them with everyone, so here goes! The the other day I applied to school. That’s right, your girl is going to try and get her degree. She hopes. I haven’t done anything school related in almost seven years. This is completely unexplored territory for me. But I could not be more excited. Like also nervous but mostly excited. I’ve wanted this for a while but something always seemed to come up or I was always making some excuse or another. Now there is no turning back, the application has been submitted and here we are. Waiting to hear back.

Another exciting thing coming up is I have a trip planned that is pretty much a solo venture. Which to me is both exciting and nerve wracking. Mostly nerve wracking because my flights are connecting flights and I haven’t flown like that since I was a wee thing. I’m sure I’ll be fine and I have plenty of time to find my way to the next gate but still the idea of getting lost or missing my flight is a recurring nightmare right now. Other than that I could not be more excited. It’s just to Virginia Beach but it’s somewhere I’ve never been. Plus I’ll get to see some friends out there and explore places they take me. It’s just something different and it is only five days but it’s five days of nothing but relaxation.

Obviously in my post last week I discussed my growing relationship and that is still going swell. Work is work. Currently I’ve been picking up extra shifts for extra money so I’m getting kind of drained. But everything is going pretty groovy and I finally feel like I am getting back to a good place in my life. Like getting it back on track after drastically derailing it a few years back. And I am finally starting to feel proud of it all. So you know wish me luck and things!

Happily Yours, Jel


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