Valentine’s Day: Long Distance

Hi there Sweets!

Hopefully this day has found you in the arms of a loved one. Or at the very least you feel loved and truly needed. I myself don’t get to spend my day waiting for a cute date or getting cuddled. But at least this year I do feel loved and have someone to sort of spend it with even if he is a few states away. A long distance relationship is not something I ever saw myself being in yet here we are. Which honestly I’m still not 100% sure how to handle it. I am a naturally jealous person, I can’t help it sometimes. So this whole thing has been both a test and a learning experience. And honestly I couldn’t have picked a better person to go through this experience with.

He is understanding and willing to work through my craziness. Never says anything when I get judgey and b****y about people. He lets me just complain about work, friends, and all my “woes”. But he also makes me smile like an idiot. Not to mention laugh. I’ve been in literally the worst mood, talk to him for five minutes and it just melts away. It’s like magic. Hell, it might just be the L Word. Which I haven’t experienced in a very long time. Actually this whole thing I haven’t experienced in a very, very long time. In fact I can’t stop telling people about him and how excited I am to see him here soon. I’ve told all my friends and co-workers. Haven’t quite told family members yet but it is definitely in the works. Plus he has started to tell people about me which makes me feel both embarrassed and fuzzy. (He’s going to read this and call me out for being sappy for once.)

Obviously Valentine’s for us isn’t typical. He’s a few states away and neither of us is hopping on a plane for a little rendezvous. No matter how much we want to. But we did send each other cards. His to me a little sappy. Mine to him a little dirty. I’ve taken pictures to send him, which yes is his present. And he said that he’s got a belated one for me when I make my trip to see him. Plus I plan on annoying him all day with goofy, punny Valentine cards. Because I am just that awesome of a girlfriend. Mostly nerdy ones because we both are huge nerds and I can’t resist. (I’ve included one down at the bottom for you guys.)

Hopefully you all are feeling loved today!
Love Jel


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