Monday Nerd Post: Discovering the Plague

Welcome back Adventurers!

This time we find our adventures in a rioting city. The queen just attempted to murder yet another scapegoat and the local vigilante, Blackjack, prevented it with a daring rescue and escape. Aided of course by our heroic band of misfits. After leaving the square the adventurer’s head back off to what they have come to call home, the house of now deceased fortune teller Zellara. With some much needed down time the adventurer’s do various tasks; Rilka works on scribing scrolls, Reda refreshes her braids building energy, Tessara spends her time make the home more secure, and Morgrym goes fishing. Soon though their peace and quiet is interrupted by a polite knock. When the door is opened a finely dressed man servant is greeted by mild distrust until a letter is produced. The letter has come from Vencarlo, who the adventurer’s met earlier in their travels, he is offering them training at his academy. Saying, “That it’ll be needed in the upcoming days”. After a few muttered comments of dislike from Rilka and Morgrym the group heads off to his home/academy.

Upon reaching the academy there is a sign on the gates that simply states “Closed until further notice”. However for them the doors swing open and they are greeted by the aging instructor who ushers them in hurriedly. He leads them to a great study filled with books and all manner of objects. Though he greets them warmly there is something else that seems to be bothering him. The curtains are drawn tight and the room is cloaked in darkness. Vencarlo begins his speech now telling the party that he has brought them there under false pretenses. That he has no intention of training them but instead needs their help. With a grand flourish he motions toward the door where a lithe figure has emerged, “I believe you know my companion”. Out of the shadows comes Trinia who the characters had earlier saved and safeguarded. She greets them warmly. Vencarlo launches into his speech. “You were all witness to the charade the queen tried to pull the other day,” he looks at each of them in turn. Knowing what each of them did to help Blackjack and the fake Trinia escape. “I had a hard enough time getting the other girl out of the city I fear I might need your help to get dear Trinia out.” After some mild guiding the DM reminds the PC’s of their kindhearted nature and they agree to the job.

The journey to the inn isn’t a long trip but it is filled with perilous encounters. Including a brief encounter with some firepelt cougars, goblins, and ghouls. Reda almost burned herself to a crisp with a misplaced fireball. While Rilka discovered just how well she could commune with the wild. And they found a new companion in Makoa the mysterious Half-Orc Cleric. The trip back to Korvosa was far less dangerous. Yet the streets were filled with rumors as they returned.

A ship had sailed onto the Jeggare river and after failing to answer the call of the guard was sank to the bottom. But no one really seems to know much about it. The group makes their way back home and settles in for the night, when they’re interrupted by a knock again. It is Garu, a guardsmen. He looks a bit dishelved and quickly searches out Rilka. “My niece is sick. I need your help. Please I’m desperate. That damned fool of a healer is useless.” The characters are quick to agree even before he willingly hands over 100gp for the deed. They follow the man to Trail’s End, which is more of a town within the city than a simple block of houses. Though they are eyed warily nothing happens to them as they make their way to a squat, shabby two-story home. Inside they find two children and a healer downstairs. Garu curses and quickly makes his way upstairs. Reda can just make out the words of a heated argument between the man and his sister before they both come downstairs. The woman quickly ushers them upstairs to where her daughter lays sickly on a pile of pillows. Horrible red pocks covering her face, a horrendous cough wracking her small frame. Rilka and Makoa hover over the child looking to diagnose what is wrong. Tessara makes idle conversation with Ishani the healer sent from the church of Abadar. He feels awful that he can’t do more and keeps glancing over at the poor sickly child. When the others join the group with the cleric a hushed conversation is had. The decision reached is the adventurers will pay for a potion of remove disease at a discounted rate. They return the next day and watch as Ishani gives the child the potion. Soon the pocks start to disappear and she awakens. Startled by all the strangers around her she quietly asks, “When’s dinner?” A feast is held in the adventurer’s honor and they become part of the tight knit community. Questioning the girl doesn’t give them much information but it starts them on the right path.

Ishani asks them to please come with him to the temple so that they can further discuss the growing problems. As they approach the steps of the temple they are met with an unusual sight, hundreds of people pushing to get into the temple. Several bearing the red pock marks. The party pushes their way through and makes their way to Ishani’s study, besides a few people trying to stop the healers in the party it’s an uneventful trip. Inside the temple Ishani and the Archbanker tell the adventurers about Blood Veil, the newest disease to tear through Korvosa. Everyone decides that it would be in the city’s best interest if this was further investigated. The Archbanker has already sent out emissaries to the other faiths. It is up to Ishani and the party to work with the guard to stop this from spreading any further.

Ishani requests the party accompany him to Citadel Volshenyk and introduce him to Field Marshall Cressinda Kroft. They accept the job and guide the man through the city, uneventfully. When they approach the Citadel the guards warmly greet them and tell them to hurry if they want to see the queen’s physicians. In the courtyard stands a young professional looking man and several cloaked figures wearing hook beaked masks. After a short speech Cressinda motions the adventurers to follow. They join a small meeting in which everyone agrees that they do not like the doctor. After he leaves the room Cressinda asks the party to check out the remains of the sunken ship the Direption.

Potions of Water Breathing in hand they make their way to the waterfront. Diving into the murky water they search for the wreck of what has been called the plague ship. The Direption was spilt in two by a large rock out cropping. Picking the front half of the ship which is easily swam into the party splits. Facing a quick fight with a group of eels protecting their new found homes. They quickly discover that the galley is empty, no boxes or barrels. In fact it seems as if no food was on the ship at all when it met it’s fateful end. A short swim and strength check later they are able to swim into the hull. Where they are quickly met by a bull shark who goes straight for the dwarf. Getting in a few good bites before being finished off. Causing his sea hag mistress to swim out and viciously attack those that killed her companion. After finishing off the hag they are free to explore the rest of the ship. They find a dead body and locked footlocker. A quick exploration of the room and body reveal a few things but they decide to swim back to shore. Once they are back on the surface they examine their finds. Inside the footlocker is an unholy book that has been defaced by it’s now dead owner and a cloak bearing a symbol very similar to the book and the dead man’s cloak. After some discussion and a few knowledge checks they learn that this man was the one piloting the ship and seems to be a member of the Cult of Urgathoa. They return with their findings to the Field Marshall who agrees with their suspicions that not all is as it seems.

And that is where this week’s adventure ends…tune in next time! Jel


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