Room Re-do

I am one of those people, a creature of habit. But when I want to change things, I change them. Hence why a few weeks back I deepcleaned, rearranged, and just generally moved my bedroom around. All I meant to do was take down Christmas and dust, cut to five hours later hammer in hand and I am moving everything around. On a day where I truly meant to do nothing but relax. Sidenote though I am so, so happy with how it looks right now. There’s still stuff to do but I am happy with it.

First things first I took down my little Christmas tree. Next I dismantled my Christmas wall, throwing away what I could and saving what needed to be saved. Lastly I packed away all my sit out decorations. Then started the dusting process. Remove all the objects, dust. Lay them out on the floor to come to later. Get distracted by all the things, shake it off and go back to cleaning. Dusting finished I moved on…

To rearranging my shelves. I opened up Christmas gifts that could be used as decorations. Slowly I started putting things back. Each shelf with a theme of some sort or at least one in my mind. In the process of that I also purged items and stuff I no longer needed. I better moved things around so everything looks organized. Seriously I’m in love with it. Everything just looks so nice and neat, hopefully I can keep it that way.

Next I reorganized the things hanging on my wall, made room for more and hung up some new stuff. It all looks less cluttered and I am so pleased because it was starting to look cluttered. Which in turn was giving me anxiety. I know I’ll break down and do it all again but for now I’m happy with it. Below are some pictures of it all. Enjoy!

Organizationally yours, Jel


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