January Favorites

Ello Sweets!

The first month of 2018 has ended! Time to officially start the year. I’m slightly joking. Slightly. Today’s post is going to be another favorites post but I didn’t really like my December one’s layout so I’m trying something new. Instead of a list and pictures with each item, I’m going to try listing them out and then having just one general picture towards the end of the post. See if I like that layout a bit better, I’m still new at this and trying to figure things out….So here goes!

One: Fuji Instax 9 Camera and case
This was sort of an impulse buy with a Christmas gift card. I had been looking at them before Christmas, even added it to my list. But just wasn’t sure if it was stupid to buy or too hipster. Honestly though I love it. Haven’t used it much yet but I plan on using it quite often this year on trips, friend outings, and to just generally goof off with. I have always loved cameras and this one is a nice addition to that collection. About a week later I bought a cute carrying case for it that also came with a little side pouch to use for extra film and taken pictures. It’s galaxy print, so it is full of gorgeous blues and purples and stars. I’m honestly getting heart eyes just thinking about it right now.

Two: New Tattoo
While this item is permanent and forever on my skin, I’m still kind of loving it. At the beginning of January I said I wanted to get a tattoo and I did! It was a goal and I stuck with it. So this tattoo has all kinds of meanings for me because of that. One I got it with a friend they pretty much match and that will forever be a reminder of our friendship. No matter what path that may take. Two it is a reminder that if I actually put my mind to something I can accomplish it. Which for me is a big thing, normally I set goals and don’t even meet half of them. So I’m happy that this little black lotus on my wrist can remind me that I can do all kinds of things.

Three: Paperback Pathfinder Core Rulebook
Allow me to complain for a moment, playing role playing games is a work out. Seriously. You have to carry around all the books, minis/pawns, maps, dice, etc. None of which is light. So I was kind of overly thrilled when my parents got me this for Christmas. It is a paperback version of the Core Rulebook for Pathfiner RPG. Which means that I am no longer carrying around three to four heavy hardcover books. Now its closer to two and my back is already thanking me. Not to mention this is just a much handier version of the book itself. It’s smaller and lighter thus easier to pull out when there are rule questions or spell/skill look ups needed. I love it. I need more paperback ones…*hinthintpaizohinthint*

Four: The DC Bombshells
I really can’t explain this one. Other than I love their look, their style. Not to mention I generally tend to love the women of the DC universe a bit more than their male counterparts. I’m even considering buying the comic books where these lovely ladies make their debut. Not to mention the posters I have or the Funko Pop! or the whole board on Pintrest…It might be an obsession. Oh well.

Well that is it for favorites this month! Hopefully you enjoyed this peek at what I enjoyed during this cold and trying month. Tune in next month for another installment of favorites.
Your Favorite, Jel


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