Monday Nerd Post: Meet the Gang

Greetings Adventurers!

So today starts a new kind of blog post from me. The truly nerdy kind. I’ve decided that since my friends and I are playing a pretty steady game of Pathfinder RPG bi-weekly that I would do a bi-weekly post about it. Not to mention they’ve now kind of got a handle of the rules and I feel like now is the perfect time to start it. So I am currently the Game Master and running them through the adventure path The Crimson Throne. If you plan on ever being a player in this game fair warning there are spoilers ahead for Chapter Two and onward. Today’s post is going to be a break down of who is who and character descriptions so you can better picture just who exactly is playing and what their characters are like. There are currently four of us playing. My friends Tyshima and Chelsea, Chelsea’s husband Tim, and myself. I’m running a couple of NPC PCs to help out and secretly hope that more people will slowly join up.
So Tyshima is playing a Halfling Druid named Rilka who has a lion animal companion named Musafa aka Moose. Rilka is the size of a small child and is actually quite similar in nature. Her bushy brown hair is often sporting a leaf or twig or other flora. Maybe even a small animal or two. Generally found lounging with Musafa her green eyes shine with kindness and reveal a calmer more mature side that only comes out around her companions. You can often find Rilka standing in the background shaking her head in a grandmotherly fashion at the antics of her Dwarven companion. Though she is small in stature that does not stop Rilka from carrying as much as possible. She hoards all that she can, oversized weapons, various art objects, jewels and gems, etc.
Musafa is still a relatively young lion, scrawny and still boasting a small, golden brown mane. He is clumsy for a cat, often tripping over his own four paws. He has a small scar over his left nostril and a small fading brand on his right flank. When Musafa was still young he was sold to a carnival and lived a wretched life performing various tricks until a younger Rilka broke him out and they’ve been on the run ever since.
Chelsea is playing a Half-Elf Sorcerer named Reda. Standing at 6′ tall, Reda is an intimidating force of nature. Due to her bloodline being tainted with Draconic blood her fingers bare a strong resemblance to claws only adding to her off-putting nature. Her blonde hair flies free around her face, parts of it done in tiny braids. One such braid has a rather odd-looking feather attached to it. Reda’s sun tanned skin is covered in the dark looping lines of tattoos gifted to her by her tribes shaman when her power was revealed. Although most people in civilized cities eye her warily she wears them with pride and shows them off as much as possible. Though her outer appearance leads people to think of her as rough and brash she is often the first one to laugh and offer up a smile. Which before she met her current companions a smile was a rare thing since the death of her husband.
Tim is playing a Dwarf Ranger named Morgrym Ironfist who has a newly found badger animal companion named Honey. Though he has lived in a city longer than even he can remember, nature has always called to him. Before meeting his current companions this Dwarf spent most of his days fishing on the banks of the Jeggare River. Wild red hair and matching red, perfectly groomed beard frame his jovial face. Morgrym often speaks out against injustice and has lifted his axes to right more wrongs than most. He was betrayed long ago by someone he viewed as a friend and at first was weary of the new strangers he found his self amongst. Now though he often can be found joking with the Halfling, wrestling with the lion, or flirting with the Half-Elf.
Honey is not your typical badger. In fact Morgrym found her fishing in the river and bonded with her right away. She isn’t dark brown/gray but is instead a blonde color with three distinct markings on her nose. Honey still seems unsure of her new friend but is quickly falling for him and his habit of sharing food tidbits.
I play two NPC PCs. The first is Tessara an Elf Rogue, who has been with the group since the beginning. Unlike most Elves Tessara is slight in stature, standing at only 5′ tall. She blends easily into the shadows due to her dark clothing and quiet nature. Long black hair is efficiently braided in intricate patterns to keep it out of her way when she is working. Pale skin marred with scars is hidden beneath flowing clothing or leather armor but not ever scar can be hidden and she still flinches when she hears the crack of a whip. Tessara is often mistrusting of new people and unsure situations due to a troubled childhood but has found comfort in her new companions. Even secretly rooting for Morgrym in his pursuit of Reda although she is often shaking her head with a small smile when he fails.
The other NPC is Makoa the Just a Half-Orc Cleric of Iomedae. Towering above most people at 7’3″ Makoa gives off an unwelcoming vibe but his easygoing and quiet demeanor welcome them back. Pale green skin and curving tusks reveal his mixed blood. A long scar runs from his hairline through his right eye to just below his ear, an old battle wound from his father’s tribe. Makoa has no hatred for any people and merely seeks to help those in need. Be it through healing and other clerical duties. Or through his sword and strength. He is about to join the party after receiving a vision from his Goddess forewarning him of a coming evil that would hurt many innocent souls.

And that is everybody folks, for now at least. Although this next game day I am going to ask them how they will want to continue on should someone die… Hopefully you guys will stick around for the upcoming nerdery and adventure!

Nerdily yours, Jel


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