December 2017 Favorites

‘Allo Sweets!

December is full of things and places and craziness. So here are a few of my favorites.

1. Star Lights: These little beauties came from the dollar section at Target (aka where most of my paycheck disappears to). I absolutely love them. They’re simple and a gorgeous rose gold/copper color. They were the perfect addition to my Christmas wall and now I’m thinking of leaving them in my room yesr round. I just need to figure out where…

2. Candles: The one thing I asked everyone for this year was candles. And boy did they ever deliver! I’m now in candle overload. There’s so many I just don’t know what to do with all of them. My current favorite is Bath and Body Works Mazel Tov candle, part of a gift from my friend. It’s vanilla-y and fruity. My whole room smells like this candle right now and I love it.

3. Pampering Goods: From bath bombs to body spray to face masks I got it all. Now I do have a few favorites but in general I am very pleased with it all. Not to mention I got a LUSH gift card and am currently awaiting my order. So here is to all the lovely pampering days to come.

4. Coffee Mugs: December is the month where I overload on all kinds of warm drinks so I obviously need mugs of all kinds. These two were by far my go-to mugs. They’re both Disney and festive! What more could you want?

5. Christmas Pajamas: Speaking of festive and Disney how cute are these pjs?! They are ridiculously comfy, like I could wear them everyday and be happy. Not to mention it has been years since I have had a matching pj set and these have convinced me that that has been a mistake. Since I loved these so much I’m thinking it’s going to be a new yearly thing for me. So stay tuned for the future sets!

6. Ornaments: Now I love all things ornaments, from tacky to traditional and back again. But these two won out on favorites of the year. Oogie Boogie was a gift from my aunt when she returned from Disney after trying to get me the coveted Oogie Boogie popcorn bucket. The only thing that could make it better is if it glowed in the dark but I honestly love it and it fits in with the rest of my ornaments so well. The cute little hedgehog is part of a matching set between my friend and I. Actually I bought them for us while we were out on a Christmas shopping trip. We both love rose gold and kept pointing out hedgehogs to each other so they just seemed perfect!

7. Friendventures: Decemeber is always full of fun, friend filled adventures. Normal hang out are fun but Decemeber ones are adventurous and fun. It’s never just dinner and shopping suddenly it becomes museums, festivals, and parties. Just plain simple magical fun.
Whelp, these were just a few if my favorites this last month. Hopefully you enjoyed this peek at what I loved this December.

Yours, Jel


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