Blogmas End

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Sweets!!

    So I obviously missed a few days and this is a bit later than I wanted but I was trying to enjoying having time off and being able to spend it with my parents. Which was quite nice. We just sat around and watched tv shows most of the time but it was nice and without fighting. 

    Dad and I went out shopping on the 22nd. Which was actually so much fun. Yes the crowds were ridiculous. Yes some of the things we wanted were gone. But dad and I both had a blast. He’s kind of missed doing that rushed Christmas shop because usually we are in Florida and we don’t really give each other gifts. Which honestly I’ve missed. So this year was just so nice we both kind of maybe went a bit overboard but in a good way. I think mom is a bit sad that she didn’t get to go too because she was sick. Next year though we’ve decided to do a Christmas shop, take a few gifts to Florida, and then do a family Christmas just us three when we get back. That plan makes me quite happy and I can not wait.

     We put our big family tree up on the 23rd. It took so long. We did the lights a bit different this year and honestly they look great. Normally we just wrap the tree and miss spots or get big clumps. This year we wrapped each branch and it made the tree look like it was prelit. Minus the fact that we tried to start a fire with a new strand of lights that burned through it wire it looks badass. Next dad and I started placing the ornaments. Soon we were calling mom over for her approval with ornament placement and lights. Then we were done! After the tree I got a visit from the boy which was quite nice. We cuddled for a bit, watched movies, and then he went off to a family Christmas thing.

The family tree.

      Christmas Eve was spent being lazy. Rewatching Psych and just generally chilling. Plus a bit of last minute wrapping of presents. Then after some pestering, because I am that person, we opened one present a piece. Mom got a Serenity coloring book from the dogs (aka me). Dad got a Smash Up game expansion What Were We Thinking. I got Sparkle Kitty the game which is something I’ve wanted, minorly forgot about, since Gen Con. 

Christmas Eve gift

      Christmas was loads of fun and just a lazy day. Filled with presents and naps. I actually loved what my parents got me. They always freak out but it was full of goodies. Nerd goodies. Games and Pops! and a shirt and candy and candles… 

Parental Christmas Haul

        So on the day after Christmas I might have taken some pictures for a gift that I’m minorly super proud of. They were minorly naughty but also Christmassy. And the recipient loved them very much which made it all so much better. Plus they made me feel badass. Which kind of made me decide to do something else in the new year and I’m pretty excited for that. 

Well that’s all for now! See you in 2018, Jel


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