Blogmas Day Sixteen

Merry Friendsmas Sweets!

   After a pretty relaxed day at work I switched from work clothes to ugly sweater and headed out. A quick stop by the store to grab some last minute things then I was at my friend’s place. While her and her husband cooked our meal, I wrapped her gifts and the group gift for the boys, and her sister made the saran wrap ball. Soon the wine started flowing and I was put in charge of ushering everyone in. Which meant two flights of stairs five times, up and down. 

All the presents round the tree.

       Soon the food was gone and the drinks were flowing even more. Alcoholic for some while two got Momtails. My friend, the hostess, kept everyone’s glasses full. Repeatedly. Soon we were done with food and chatting. Moving on we started games. Trying to break from our norm of Cards Against Humanity we decided to try out new games. We started with The Voting Game which made everyone else nervous before we played but soon we were laughing and judging one another. Next we played What Do You Meme which was hilarious. So many Biden and Trump jokes it was great, honestly. 

     Soon it was time for presents. We elected a Santa to pass out the gifts. Starting with the boys who got Star Wars related goods from us girls. Then we opened individual gifts. My friend cried when she opened my gift to her. And her gift to me was prettt perfect. I honestly loved it. We wrapped up the night with the saran wrap ball game. Which was fun and very competitive. There were several shouts of anger in amongst the cries of you. All in all it was a lovely night filled with laughter, tears, and you.

Yours, Jel


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