Blogmas Day Fourteen

Hello Sweets!

    Yesterday was a wonderful day off. It started with cartoons on the couch with my best friend. Was filled with Christmas trees inbetween and finished up with Christmas movies at home. Honestly it was the best day off I’ve had in a while. I didn’t get to be lazy but I had a blast. Plus I really enjoy going and see the trees. 

After a quick stop at McDonald’s for breakfast, we headed for downtown. We chatted about various things and talked back to the toddler in the backseat. We quickly found a parking spot on the street and started to unload from the car. At which point we might have started to doubt our journey because it was so cold. Indiana literally decided that it was winter and gave it to us with a vengeance. Honestly if the wind hadn’t been blowing it wouldn’t have been so bad. So we bundled up ourselves and the kids and headed off down the street. Once we got inside the Historical Society we paused on a bench to warm up. Then we started our tree filled journey.

Being the smart cookies we are, we hit the top floor first and decided to work our way down. The fourth floor is a giant balcony over looking the other levels but it also has a gallery along the back half. We wandered along looking at all the trees. The comic book one. The winery and brewery one (guess who picked up a map there? 😉 ). The one for the zoo. One for a paint shop. Butler University’s. So many, including an adorable sheet metal tree that had two gnomes with it. 

In fact there were loads of different tree this year. On the second floor we saw several different ones. Close to the library side was a book tree, an Irish tree, and another brewery tree. There was also a minitature room tree. Each ornament was a tiny little scene. It was adorable! I wish I could have gotten pictures of some but the people behind us kept pushing in front of us. On the opposite side of the balcony were a few more different ones. In the corner sat a tree decorated like the Northern Lights, complete with a mailbox for Santa. Further down was a ladder tree done by the HGTV show Two Chicks and a Hammer. Which takes place here in Indy. 

We gradually made our way to the first floor. Where the big tree sat surrounded by much smaller trees. One of which was the iWonderland tree. Not only was it gorgeously carved out of wood there was also a VR aspect to it. On a small table next to it sat a VR headset which when looked into took you to a winter wonderland. Filled with snow, woodland creatures, and a Christmas tree. It was honestly magical, and the tree I voted for as the winner. 

Next we hit the canal level checked out the five trees down there and then headed out. Sick baby in tow. Not willing to brave the cold with cranky kids and stroller my friend got the car and parked closer so we could quickly pack up. Then we headed home. It was fun even if one baby was sick and the other grumpy. 

Festively yours,  Jel

More tree pictures below:


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