Blogmas Day Fifteen

Sup Sweets! 

     Time to talk about wrapping gifts. The joys, the struggles. I’ve actually been super proud of my wrapping skills this year. Not to mention I’ve only got three more presents to wrap!! I am doing so much better this year than usual. Like I don’t know how, like at all. But I am beyond glad that I am because usually I’m panicking and doing things on Christmas Eve. 

    So this year I decided that for my friend gifts I had this year I would get plain brown boxes and decorate them. The tops I painted with chalkboard paint adding handwritten goods in chalk on the top. Taped the sides in festive washi tapes, making the lids alone quite lovely. But then I wrapped the bottoms in matching paper and oh my goodness I have never wrapped so good in my life. Like I usually mess up, have a whole blank section or just generally goof it up. Or use a bag.

    Now my other gifts I used tissue paper to wrap because I wanted lightweight paper. I added bows and cute gift tags to make them look a bit better. Honestly I think tissue paper should be used as gift wrap more often. It was so easy to use and involved no cutting. I loved it!! So next year all my gifts will be wrapped in tissue paper. 

That’s it for now. Hopefully my last presents go as smoothly, fingers crossed.

Yours, Jel


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