Blogmas Day Thirteen

Greetings Sweets!

    So apparently I did not schedule my posts correctly so I am now behind again. Here’s to catching up and keeping up. (I promise I got this.)


      Today’s post is all about one of my favorite parts of Christmas: the cards!!! Not only do I like receiving them, I love sending them. One of my favorite memories from my childhood is making Christmas cards with my mom. Now that I’m older every so often I try to make my own. Bring back a bit of the childhood magic. This year due to lack of time I just went with store bought. However they were blank inside so I was able to write in cute little messages myself.

Now I didn’t need too many but I used all of these. And do need at least two more cards. Which I’m trying to decide how I want to do the last two. Whether I want to go buy two cards for these two people or if I want to attempt to find my old cards somewhere in and amongst our Christmas decorations. Decisions, decisions. But that is on the very long list that I have to get done in a very short time…

Well I’ve got four more cards to write so this is gonna be short.

Yours, Jel


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