Blogmas Day Ten

Salutations Sweets!

    Another late post, another day. This post is gonna be full if lovely fun adventure stuff!


The day started with Chinese for lunch. Laughing as we told my friend’s son we were going on an adventure and arguing about it. He was very convinced that it was an adventure to Target. We might go there too often…

Soon we were on our way! Trying to follow the GPS down the correct roads to downtown. Not to mention figuring out our way around downtown. We finally reached our destination after some friendly bickering about where to turn and which lane to be in. The Indiana State Museum! Where they were having some very festive activities going on.

So being the logical adults that we are we started on the top floor and worked our way down. On the third floor they had a lovely sleigh holiday display for pictures, which yes we used to it’s full extent. There was also a train for the kids to ride. My friend took her son on it and he absolutely loved it. He was so excited everytime he came back around and saw me. It was adorable. The whole ride was maybe 10 minutes but it had lights and loads of fun displays around it. It was all just so festive and alk the kids waved and cheered when they came into view. Was just so nice and innocent. 

Next we slowly worked our way down to the second level. Where Santa’s playground resided. It was both magical and some sort of hell. Bratty children were everywhere, parents were tossing around the threat of coal left and right. Yet it was all sort of fun too. There were all kinds of things to do and play with. My friend’s son loved it. He just kept running from activity to activity. Only stopping for a second each time. It was adorable to watch as he tried to decide on what to do. We were only able to pry him away with the promise of Santa.

Barely contained excitement could be felt all around us. Not to mention my friend’s son was so excited to see him and talk to him. It was his first Santa encounter. Ms. Claus came round and talked to us asking if we were ready to see Santa. We agreed that we were, in fact he kept trying to sneak away and interrupt other kids during their Santa time.  Once we got in to see him it was a completely different story. He went from talkative to silent and just cheesing big time. Didn’t say a word to him just sat there peacefully. It was actually all very adorable. After our little meet and greet we colored and chatted. Then headed out back home…

All in all it was a very fun, festive day. Couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate a quick Christmas with a good friend.

Yours happily, Jel


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