Blogmas Day Eleven

Greetings Sweets!

I honestly have no plan for today. Got the next few days already preplanned (not to mention queued up) but I’ve kind of fallen sick. Sooo today is gonna be short and sweet and to some sort of point. Honestly since I’ve been sick all I have done is binge watch Vlogmas videos. So let’s talk about a few of my favorites. I’ll list their channels so you can check them out too.

Zoella (Zoe Sugg)- these are probably my favorite set of Christmas vlogs. Zoe always just seems to really embrace the holiday season. Not to mention she often touches on the subject of anxiety and how she deals with it which makes her seem more real. The blogs themself are full of fun things. Decorating, Christmas tree finding, friends and family, and loads of festiveness. I highly recommend her videos in general but her vlogmas is always ace. MoreZoella is her vlog channel. Zoella is her main channel.

Tanya Burr- these are also very fun vlogs to watch. Tanya just had a very fun bubbly personality and they always cheer me up. She also does loads of lovely holiday baking and makeup looks. Vlogmas just brings out her adorableness more and I feel like she always does fun things as well. Tanya Burr is both her vlog and main channel.

Dan and Phil Games (Dan Howell and Phil Lester)- now Dan and Phil don’t do vlogmas but they do gamingmas which is just as fun. Different game every day occassionally, usually with a minor holiday theme. Never have I enjoyed watching people play games as much as I enjoy these weirdos playing the games. Not to mention they are great when you need background noise and something to just zone out while watching. Danandphilgames is their joint gaming channel. Amazingphil is Phil’s channel. Daniel Howell is Dan’s channel.

These are the only ones I watch consistently and at any time of the year but I highly recommend all of them. Not to mention I’m always looking for more!

Poorly yours, Jel


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