Blogmas Day Nine

Hey Sweets!

    Let’s chat about holiday shopping. It’s stressful. It’s crowded. Does anyone really have fun during it? I know I don’t. Which is why I do most of my shopping online. Pretty much all of the gifts I bought this year I bought online. I will admit that I’ve gotten like little bits and bobs while out with friends. But mostly I’ve bought online.

   In fact I’m completely done with Christmas shopping. That’s right this year I am one of THOSE people. The one that can brag about being done early. Unless I see something I desperately need to get someone I am done. I’ve got everyone covered and might have spent too much. Tis the season right?

    Can’t wait to give the rest of my friends and family their gifts! My one friend loved hers on Saturday and I’m so glad. I always worry that someone won’t like what I get them. So I’m always so happy when they tell me how much they like it. Or how they’re excited to use whatever it is. It’s like a present for me too.

Receiving presents is also hard for me. Especially since I’m the one who is “hard to buy for”. Like I just feel like I get too awkward and don’t know how to respond. So people aleays think I don’t like their gifts. But I love any kind of gifts. Especially Christmas cards, love sending and receiving them. 

(Sorry for the random.)

Yours, Jel.


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