Blogmas Day Eight

Hello Sweets! 

    So I am a couple days behind due to the past few days being very busy. Gonna be playing a bit of catch up because of that but today is a nice lazy, cozy day so it’s the perfect time to do so. Then I’m also gonna queue up a few so I don’t get as far behind again. Yay! Okay, okay on with the blog post now…


   This year Carmel, Indiana has done a German Christmas Market called Christkindlmarkt. It was adorable and fun to wander around. I hope they’re able to make it bigger next year and add to it a bit. To me it was a ton of fun to walk around it, watch the ice skaters, and eat some yummy German food. But I’ve heard mixed things from other people and feel like maybe they need to improve on it for next year.

   There were tons of booths set up around the ice skating rink. All decorated and full of goods to be bought. There were booths with nutcrackers, candle arches (pictured above), music boxes, and trains. They were all handcrafted and gorgeous, not to mention a bit pricey but I kind of expected that. The only bit that was disappointing to me was there wasn’t an ornament booth like they advertised! I love ornaments. 

So Indiana went from 60 and sunny to 25 and frigid. So these heaters literally saved our lives. Like I layered up three shirts, two pants but not enough socks. But we had fun walking around looking at the lights and eating food. Not to mention the yummy warm drinks. Like I might be drooling thinking about it…

I mean look at it! A yummy walking waffle. Which was so good. It was soft and warm. Which I topped with warm Nutella, strawberries, and blueberries. Yum! My friend had strawberries, cream, and Nutella. We both had a hot cider with them because we needed something to warm our bones. Although the mulled wine also was calling my name. So many choices, so little time.

   While we did not skate ourselves we did enjoy watching the skaters. There were several girls in skirts skating that reminded me of like the figures you see in Christmas villages. Just looked so so old timey and they were amazing skaters too. We also loved the kids. Because there were two kinds; the ones who were racing, giggling, and knocking each other over and then the ones death gripping parent’s hands or the railing, going slow occassionally almost falling. Was just fun to watch all the different kinds of skaters. 

All in all it was a fun festive night. Can’t wait for more of those honestly.

Fröhliche Weihnacten, Jel


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