Blogmas Day Seven

Hello Sweets!

   Another day, another late post. But I didn’t have time yesterday to post this blog post because I was out with a friend. So here goes, day seven.

                            Holiday Songs 

   I don’t have favorites to list necessarily but this tends to be a large part of the holidays. Both band and working retail have kind of ruined them for me but here lately I’ve found myself singing and humming along. I have actually missed the magic of Christmas music. It just weaves a whole other element into the holiday. An extra level of something. Now there are some songs that I can not stand, not to mention don’t seem to be holiday appropriate. Yet I still give them a chance.

   Not to mention there’s nothing better than blasting Christmas songs in the car as you drive around looking at lights. Or while you decorate. Or bake holiday treats. They just blend into so many activities so well.  Nothing better than grooving out to Jingle Bells or Rock Around the Tree. I swear it makes time fly. You look up and in no time it’s been hours since you started your task. 

   Now I’m not religious, but the songs. Oh my goodness are the songs ever brilliant. I could listen to them all day every day. They just make me feel so relaxed. So calm. Like nothing can ruin my mood. I blast it anytime I’ve had a rough day and can just feel everything melt away. I may not like the music as much anymore but seriously nothing else about the holidays relaxes me as much as music. 

    What about you guys? Whats your favorite song? Or artist?

Musically yours, Jel.


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