Blogmas Day Six

Hi-ho Sweets!

    Let’s talk about decorations. I’m big on decorations no matter the season but Christmas is something special. The lights just make everything more magical, more cozy. I even decorate my bedroom, which are the ones we are going to talk about today. This year I didn’t go as in depth as last year buuut it’s still pretty decorated. 

     There’s a tree, covered in lights and ornaments. My advent calendar line up, which will be Blogmas Day 12! A wall covered in cute bits and bobs. A little Christmas village corner done in lanterns. And I’m still not done. My room is just so cozy and festive. 

This is my festive wall. Along with my advent calendars and lantern village. I’ll have to post a picture of when it’s all lit up. But so far I’m really proud of how this little corner looks. And when it’s all lit up it looks so cute and magical. 

Now for the coziest part; my tree!!! This little beauty is my favorite of my decorations. It’s just really nice to have something fun and colorful up. Plus my ornaments really reflect the colorful lights well.  I’m posting some of my favorite ornaments down below. Hopefully this short little blog bit will bring you some holiday cheer! 


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  1. jessofearth says:

    Your decorations are super cute! I especially love the decorated wall with the present and the stockings! That whole corner looks so Christmas-y! Great post:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. justjelblog says:

      Thank you so much! Seriously loving my Christmas-y little corner. -Jel

      Liked by 1 person

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